Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Placeholder Piece

I caved and bought myself a ring at Wal-Mart. I think the breaking point was when I went to get my hair done, and the stylist just could not understand what I was saying. Yes, I am taking engagement pictures, no I don't have a ring on my finger, yes we have the ring. On and on. The same story told many times over and over. So I realized that buying one for myself might help a little bit.

I didn't want anything that looked remotely like an actual engagement ring so I chose this big, chunky, black thing. I thought That Groom would hate it. He says he kind of likes it. But I think he is just prentending. Plus it turns my finger the ugliest shade of green.

I find this detail, the cheesy little hearts to be slightly endearing. So many elements all meshed together into a big crazy blob of a ring.

It's already made a difference. When I talk about the wedding, people nod their heads in an understanding manner. Much better than the previous blank stares.


Blablover5 said...

Are you gonna find some way to incorporate it in the wedding maybe take a picture of it with your real ring?

And I look forward to hearing how weird I am tomorrow. ;)

HappyAmy said...

Is it bad that I actually like this ring? It kind of looks like a David Yurman--I might have to make a trip to wally world ;)

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Don't say you don't like this ring! I have it too!! I have had it for a long time and it is one of my favorites! Isn't it funny how our styles have become so distinctly us, and different? Remember when you were in high school and I was in middle school and we shared and wore the same things?!

Guilty Secret said...

I actually quite like it! Not as an engagement ring, but as a cocktail ring, it's quite cool. Funny how it males your finger go green though!

I must say though I'm really surprised how much hassle not having a ring seems to have caused you. I would imagine a simple "we haven't got a ring yet" would shut people up but I guess not...? I'm just thinking of people I know who got engaged first, then went ring shopping together.

Hope you're having a good weekend :)

perfect bound said...

too funny. I didn't wear my ring when we went to register at Crate and Barrel and I swear, the saleslady thought we were nuts. Who cares. Make them wonder...I dig your rock.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I wear my ring on the 'wrong' finger. It's too big for my ring finger and I like that only The Boy and I and a select few friends and family know what it means. People do look at me kind of funnily at times but they really need to open their minds.

You know what? You can not wear a ring and still be getting married! Shocker!

Jenna said...

happyamy-I don't hate it, in fact, I think everyone should buy it if they like it. It's just sooo different from my engagement ring, I am just feeling antsy to get the pretty thing on my finger.
shay-That is freaking me out, seriously, how can we have the same ring from wal-marts across the nation from each other? Mom did this to us with her crazy love of black.
Peonies-Thanks for the not so subtle reminder :)