Friday, July 11, 2008

Lova's Lovely Wedding

Just imagine: 5 girls living with each other for 5 years. They are social, outgoing, intelligent, and beautiful. During this time none of them date much, and marriage feels like a place far far away from the life they are living. In a land of people who are almost all married by 22 after less than 4 months of dating, it was a huge accomplishment. This summer that is all changing beginning with the wedding of my best friend, Lova.

Here am I with the glowing couple who can loosely be defined as childhood sweethearts. You will be seeing many more photos of the bride when she is my brideslave this October.

The reception location.

They managed to track down this gorgeous clubhouse just a few minutes from their hosues to hold their reception in. Doesn't it just look like a clubhouse in Boise, Idaho should look?

So many fun, colorful details.
The tables were each set with a different photo of the couple from their enagements and "groomals". The cake was three different flavors, lemon poppyseed being my favorite. The bridesmaids were all able to accessorize with different fun colored shoes of their choice (aren't my coral heels hot?) The bridesmaids bouqets were bright and small and perfect for a little photography practice on my part. The walkway was lined with sheperds hooks, ribbon, and chinese lanterns.

The best part about this wedding? It didn't cost a fortune (in fact it cost about half of what mine will end up totaling), but I can assure you that no one noticed. The bride showed up absolutely beaming and didn't stop doing so until the end of the night. The whole thing was such a great family/friend effort with everyone pitching in to help with the flowers, decor, and food.

The bridesmaids all wore matching polka dot dresses (for $40 from JCPenny!), and the flower girls were adorable in their orange and white matching dresses. The sister bridesmaids wore acqua accessories, and the roomie bridesmaids were told to find whatever they wanted in coral. I really appreciated a little room to be unique and accessorize. I don't think all of us having different shoes "ruined" the look of anything, and I am so obsessed with my coral shoes which I never would have purchased otherwise.

Isn't this flower girl one of the most adorable you have ever seen? Her Mom is a well known actress in Utah, and this is definitely one of the most camera ready little girls our there.

A fun sparkler sendoff

If anyone is curious, the dress is from David's Bridal with altered sleeves and neckline. Even though I loved the ivory when she was dress shopping, the white was perfect for her.

The happy couple rode off into the night in Lova's old Camry, the same car I have driven around with her in many times. A practical and fun ending to a budget friendly, beautiful wedding.

All photos by yours truly.


Lady T said...

oh wow!!!!

i'm getting sooo emotional...we're getting closer and closer to our weddings and everyone's wed pics have me all misty.....


Blablover5 said...

I love all the pop of the color. And the reception site looks gorgeous.

Guilty Secret said...

Aw, they're gorgeous! And her smile is beautiful :)

Jennifer said...

I love those dresses! So pretty! And your shoes! Oh and Jenna (nudge nudge) I'm still waiting on that email!

della stella said...

I *love* seeing real weddings on a sensible budget -- not that I would have thought it wasn't an expensive affair! :) Lovely.

Kate said...

I looooove your $40 JCP dress. I totally would rock that as a shower dress or something! So cute.

tina said...

I guessed which shoes were yours in the photo to the right of the cake! ;) You're a girl after my own heart.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh you are so freaking cute in that first picture. :o) and speaking of cute, i love your picture of those flower girls!

The Raybould Family said...

I love your blog! It's so fun, I'm adding the link. And I wish I could see what they will make of my hair at Locks of Love

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

I love Boise. So very much.