Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Faulty Florist

My florist just fired me.

Let's go back to the beginning shall we?

I sent out an email that sounded like this:
I am working with a color palette of dark green, gold, bronze/rust, ivory and black. I am not set on only using those colors, just that general color palette.As far as what I want, I am looking for funky, creative, eclectic and creative. I want to use fruits and vegetables, leaves, branches, dead things, alive things, turtle shells (really I saw a picture of this the other day), and whatever else you can think of. Lambs ear, succulent, monkey tails, button mums, I love them all. I only want items that are in season, I think it's a waste to be flying in items from all over the place when their are so many beautiful things located all around me.
Overall, I am looking for someone who is willing to think outside the box. Do you think this could be you?
We emailed back and forth a few times, she seemed willing to work within my budget and think creatively, and she even looked at a google notebook I created and made comments about the ideas I was considering. I put her check in the mail on the 12th, emailing her immediately to let her know I had sent it out with a SASE and that I would appreciate being notified as soon as she recieved it and to send me a copy of the contract with her signature on the bottom as well. She still hadn't emailed me back to tell me she had it 2 weeks later and so I sent her the following email:

I am beginning to feel concerned because it has been almost 2 weeks and I still have not heard back from you about the check. I'm a very organized bride and so it is important to me that I have vendors who will keep the flow of communication open and current. You have not yet cashed my check and I would like to know whether you have received it. Please let me know if you will be willing to maintain the kind of relationship I am interested in keeping up.
I will be canceling the check on Wendesday if I do not hear from you by then.
She replied within 1 HOUR telling me:
I have received the check and I have deposited it. I will be returning the amount to you however as you are not the kind of bride that I enjoy working with. I will mail you a cashier’s check on Friday.
Although I am frustrated that I am going to have to start the process all over again, I am glad we were able to realize our incompatability 75 days before the wedding instead of 5. It's back to the drawing board once again.


Ms. 122 said...

she doesn't like working with an organized bride?!? and she prefers no communication with her brides?! what?! this is like the month of CRAZY vendors!

Blablover5 said...

Wow, that really makes me thankful that we went the silk route and did our own arranging.

I had no idea that vendors would fire people.

Oh well, her loss of money.

Keith and Jenna Spitzer said...
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Keith and Jenna Spitzer said...

She sounds crazy! It is sooo good you found this out now and not later, as you mentioned. I had a similar mishap with my photographer and our venue after they both protested to my organization and the asking of questions. I thought vendors were supposed to cater to and support the bride (within reason, of course). Since when do we have to cater to them?? Insanity, I tell you! I am so sorry this happened to you but you will for sure find someone way better and way more compatible with the "kind" of bride you are...the awesome kind. Her loss.

Polka Dot Bride said...

That's really odd!

Better to find out now though than on your wedding day!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

her loss. really. you'll be so happy later. there are so many amazing florists out there that can do exactly what you want. i wish we had gotten rid of (or were more insistent with) our cake maker. it was my least favorite thing about our wedding. oh well. i'm glad you're going to get the vendors you deserve.

Silvia said...

I guess she doesn't like to talk to brides up until a couple of weeks before the wedding.HAH! I think we kinda become stalkers of these vendors as soon as we book them, at least I do. I don't want to find out a month before the wedding that one of my vendors disspeared!

Re: 100 pushup challenge, Im going to give it a try! I just found the link on Broke ass bride's blog...I love challenges!

Jenna said...

I'm glad everyone doesn't think I was being the insanely crazy one. I just wanted to know where my money was!