Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long Distance Lovers

The Recent Timeline:

8:00 AM-Get Engaged
9:00 PM-Learn that That Groom will be going out of town for work

7:30 AM-Drive That Groom to the airport
8:00 AM-Last kiss goodbye

4:00 PM-That Bride boards a plane for Washington and moves home until the wedding

Result: 1 happy mother (as shown)

and a very lonely That Bride.

Is anyone else attempting to have a long distance engagement? Does ANYONE believe that the we can go from now until 2 days before the wedding without seeing each other as planned (because my family sure doesn't)?


Kelly B said...

I believe it is possible, as long as you want it to! I traveled for 3 months without seeing or barely speaking to my now-fiance when we were 21 & 20, and now we're engaged. We're also doing the long-distance (of only 4 hours), but will get to see each other on weekends that I travel up there.

You have all of your friends and family and blogging-friends to lean on for support!

Blablover5 said...

Good luck is all I can think. We spent 2 of our 3 years doing the long distance thing and I loathed every minute of it.

I'm sure you can plan the wedding, and it might even help to some extent to be apart when it gets really busy and you get stressed. It just really helps to be surrounded by friends to keep you distracted.

EthidiumBromide said...

We'll be living apart for 2-3 years of marriage, and even though we live together now, we only see each other roughly 3 hours/week. We'll continue with our couple hours/week until June, and then he moves away and I stay here until I finish my Ph.D. And we're already married, and after all the hard work I have invested towards my Ph.D., I have NO intentions of quitting. So obviously, we have a lot of faith in long-distance relationships, as I'm not currently seeking out divorce lawyers!

(I know that's a bit confusing, but he's a doctor working 100+ hours/week in the hospital, and I work 80+ hours/week in the lab, so by the time I get home from work, he's usually asleep. So quite literally since we've returned from the honeymoon, I haven't seen more than 2-3 hours of him awake/week, though occasionally we wind up next to each other, asleep, in the same bed between midnight-4am... though most nights since he beats me to bed he spreads himself out and forces me to sleep on the couch).

Truthfully, the long distance thing is really not so bad. We did 4 months of long-distance while we were engaged and he was doing away-rotations in medical school, and I was so busy crafting away on wedding projects that it kept my mind off things, so it is really not so bad.

Good luck! :)

BEL said...

we're an entire country apart for the next 2 years leading up to our wedding! it's tough, but knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we'll be together at the end makes it much much easier. you guys will be great!

{Furi Kuri} Weddings said...

So long as the two of you believe in what you have, then anything is possible. My fiancé and I have been long distance in the form of separate continents for the past 2 and a half years, and before that on separate coasts for 6 months out of the total 4 years we've been together. While it is most certainly tough at times, it is def. possible. Don't listen to the negativity and just know that your love can conquer anything. Good luck--You can do it!

Cécy said...

Yes you can do it. Nowadays there are so many ways to keep in touch thanks to technology, and it's only 3 months, it's not that hard.
I've been away from my now husband in the past from 3 (duable) to 8 month (tough) and we didn't even know we would get married at the time.
Given that you are getting married at the end of that separation you can definitely make it. Keep in involved, talk with hi, email him, IM him and send him mail (paper can be kept and cherished).
So although it's not always easy, when you start having a hard time you count down the days and realize it's not that far away. You're going to be busy enough with the planning that time will fly anyway.

Jenna said...

Kelly-Isn't being in different time zones the worst? I never want him to go to Europe without me again because trying to connect with him at 3 am was just so hard.

ethidium-The stories you tell! I swear you should quite working so much and blog a little bit more :)