Monday, September 1, 2008

Compromiso: Dos (The Captioning)

Before I show you the photos and give my narration for the second part of the multi-part engagement shoot experience, I thought we could play a fun little game. I like games, and I think you might get a kick out of this one as well.

During our shoot we played a game that my roomies and I invented (was this invented without me? I feel like I must have been involved in the invention of this game....) called "Make the Face You Would Make". Basically the person behind the camera yells out a situation, and the person(s) in front of the lens portrays how they would react.

Before I tell you what I remember concerning the prompts for these photos, I would like to explore the creative minds of my readers and see what you all come up with. Tommorow my post will not only include my commentary, but the accompanying (hopefully hilarious) user suggested prompt that would encourage such a pose.

In the comments, please write the phrase that you think Kelli would have yelled out to elicit such reactions and which photo that phrase should belong to. For those of you who are still waiting to have engagement photos taken, I highly recommend using this game to loosed up a little bit. Plus, as you will see, the photos you get out of it are something you don't see every day.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

Photo #8

Photo #9

As an added incentive, if you have a blog of your own and you come up with the best caption, I'll send a little link love your way :)


Polka Dot Bride said...

Let's see how good my skills are!
1# You look so good in that white shirt!
2# I feel like an avocado cheese milkshake!
3# Act like you're the Brady Bunch on stage!
4# Serve Jenna a delicious dinner of mudcake and icecream
5# Pretend I just caught you kissing!
6# Pretend the ring doesn't fit!
7# Pretend you need to go to the bathroom?
8# Confess to me how many pairs of shoes does Jenna have?
9# Tell him how many pairs of shoes you didn't buy this weekend!

Blablover5 said...

#1 Just admitted he likes to wear womens underwear.
#2. Stepped in some dog poop.
#3. Going for a ride on the playground (my favorite, swings rule)
#4. Being served a plate of spaghetti.
#5. Trying to sell clothes in a sears catalog.
#6. Pulling out a splinter.
#7. That tired of having to wait for a train/bus pose
#8. We've actually got 1000 people coming for the wedding.
#9. "I'm moving to a small town in Tibet in 3 weeks and you're coming with me."

Skywalker said...

Okay here are my submissions

1) Babe, I just maxed out the Visa
2) Oops - I forgot to TiVo the Collge basketball game. Sorry
3) ...Chuck that jokester
4)Give me 10
5) Hey Macrena!
6) Let me get that darn splinter out!
7) Babe, I have to the ladies now!
8) My Shoes
9)Honey, I have exciting news.

Kelli said...

these are hilarious. i am totally using them in the future :)

MisguidedAmbition said...

I doubt this is what she told you, but I thought it was funny...

(And I promise I came up with these before reading anybody elses)

Make the face you would make if...

1. ...You forget the rings on your wedding day

2. ...Somebody passed gas, and it smells... Real bad.

3. ...You're singing karaoke... after twelve signature cocktails.

4. ...That Groom is serving you your wedding cake (and it looks delicious).

5. ...Your attendants catch you making out in the hallway when you're supposed to be hosting.

6. ...That Groom has a splinter in his ring.


6. ...That Groom's ring gets stuck.

7. ...The photographer needs you for twenty minutes of posed pictures, and you REALLY have to pee!

8. ...You get caught in a torrential rain (during the ceremony).

9. ...A butterfly lands on That Groom's nose.

The Raybould Family said...

1. You let loose.
2. He let loose
3. You both just saw someone walk by in a hot dog costume.
4. Doin the hand jive.
5. Surprise! Honeymoon baby!
6. Playing that 'Drain all the blood from your hand' game.
7. Gotta Potty.
8. You feel wonderful cause your back from the potty.
9. You thought of something else you want for the wedding. (Which would explain his face as well)

(bride.) said...

I've only got time for one right now, but...

6) That Groom admits that he hasn't given That Bride her ring yet because it's been stuck on HIS finger for several painful months.

Erica said...

Again, more gorgeous photos!

PS--I left you a present on my blog.