Monday, September 1, 2008

Compromiso: Uno

I mentioned before that Kelli gave me 1000 photos from our engagement shoot. This is not her standard procedure, just a little perk that comes along with being her former roommate. Well, that and a free newborn session when my first child is born :) I am restraining myself from showing you every single one of those photos (as most people around me would say that many of them look exactly the same (which they do not)), but I narrowed it down to about 100 favorites, most of which I plan on showing to you. I am telling you this, because if you hate them, now is the time to tell me, before I work on 4 other glorious, photo-laden posts. But I enjoy the photos (especially since they are of me and my beloved) so I am going to assume you will as well. You can count the witty commentary I attempt to add as a nice little bonus.

We started the day with That Groom in business casual to get some dressy shots. It was easy for him to do a quick change because we were shooting at the hotel we were staying at.
In the hallway of the hotel we stayed at. They aren't shy about color in Mexico.

We both felt so awkward at first.

We learned that kissing helped us relax just a little bit.

I returned those cute little mustard flats I had and went with my favorite red heels.

Kelli must have done some photoshop magic on this one. My calves certainly don't look that good in real life :)

Notice the palm tree reflection running across the bottom of my dress? That is an in camera effect. Like magic it is.

I think weird things are funny. Like the sign on the hotel property designating this spot as "The Gathering Place". We had never seen an allotment of space such as this before, so we gathered.

Isn't this picture pretty?

I'm so happy I found someone who looks at me like this.

Kelli rented a tilt-shift lens for the trip, and I love the resulting photos. You can see how the lower half of our bodies are slightly out of focus here.

I loved these rocks, and so we clamored out over them. After some fun poses I wanted to keep going and have Kelli do some "far away" shots (which I imagined would look dreamy).

Here we are jumping from boulder to boulder. While I am in my red heels. That Groom was obviously a city boy because it took him a little bit longer to get there. Sad story: while we were climbing, I stepped on his hand, putting full pressure on it with my heel. The worst part? I don't even like any of the resulting pictures enough to post them. All that work for nothing. I will point out that I don't think Kelli really wanted to take them, but she indulged my silly ideas. I'll listen to her from now on I think.

Things got a little steamy at times.

This is the photo I immediately set to my desktop background while looking through the pictures. I want to gobble That Groom up, I think he looks so adorable.

Posting this photo is my way of acknowledging how lucky I am to have Danish blood running through my veins. Skin that clear should be passed down for generations.

My advice when it comes to engagements? Don't spend all your time staring straight into the camera and smiling. The picture below tells more about our relationship than a portrait shot like that ever could.

I'm a face smasher. As in, when I kiss, I like to go right in for the kill. That Groom spent a lot of time teaching me to hold back a little bit.

We ended up with more than enough photos like this. The kind that make you wonder "What could make That Groom want to eat my face? And why would I find such behavior so amusing?"

A contender for our bedroom wall. I think the pose only resulted due to some prompting from Kelli, but that doesn't make the sentiment any less genuine.

More to come, including "Make the face you would make", adventures in finding the perfect beach, an almost proposal at sunset, and some wet and sandy fun.

*All photos by Kelli Nicole


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

they're all so amazing! i know you're so happy with them.

my TWO favorites are the one where you said, "isn't this picture pretty"... shooting up to the tops of the palm trees. it looks like vintage mexico. it's really fantastic. and the other one i really like is where he is staring at you and you're looking at the camera.

i like the last one, too, that you said you want to put in your bedroom. very romantic. the ones i listed are the ones i think you should blow up to 11x14 size and hang over your mantle! haha... j/k

GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

yeah.....these are beautiful! gosh, i wanted a e-session soooo badly! your post has renewed that, lol.

the last one. definitely a bedroom contender.....perfect for when ure tired and need to be "reminded" to "take care of each other"..... ;)

Veronica said...

My goodness! You two are a stunning couple! Love all these shots! Keep them coming! There is no such thing as too much amazing photography ;o)

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

So beautiful--and yes, I want to see them all! You guys have a great variety. I love the one that you said "I'm so glad I found someone who looks at me like this". You look awesome and it's just a sweet pic. Can't wait to see the rest!

ps-red heels are SO perfect. Loved them!

Heidz said...

Wow, I'm in awe of that last one! So beautiful, definitely worth framing. They all look amazing with the natural scenery and vibrant colors. Oh and I'm uber jealous of your clear skin!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, they're fantastic! I can't believe you have another 4 posts to go with photos this good!

I actually feel like I 'know' you well enough now that I'm really interested in seeing them all... it's very cool :)

Erica said...

GORGEOUS! The color and effects are amazing. And you truly look in love, your photog did a great job capturing that intimacy!

I wish I were a ballerina... said...

Very very adorable photos! I hope mine will (someday) be as beautiful as yours. Please post them all :)

Kay said...

i'm not super crazy about the rock pictures, but wow - every other picture was great. you are such a natural beauty :)

Sarah said...

I love the shots of in the solid blue dress. It makes all of the color in the background pop so much more.

Jenna said...

Aww thanks everyone, your comments made me feel so happy.