Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love My Kelli Nicole!

I am obsessed with looking at the weddings that Kelli puts up on her blog, because I just imagine myself as the bride in each of the photos. I hope my smile is as big, and my joy as transparent on the 11th of October.

See the rest of the wedding here.

I have been in a little bit of a wedding funk lately, this bride made me feel better about things again. I can't wait for that to be me!


Guilty Secret said...

Ooh, I just realised I'm going to be on my hen night when you're getting married. That's pretty cool, I'll be partying, thinking of you. None of my friends will know I'll be secretly having a little boogie in your honour ;)

Whitney said...

those are cute pictures :)

Anonymous said...

*Hug* gurl,you will survive your wedding funk!These are great pictures.I love reading other bridal blogs it leaves me feeling less alone in wedded confusion.

Jenna said...

Guilty-Oh a secret Guilty boogie! I think it will bring me good luck.