Saturday, September 20, 2008

Movie Night Bridal Shower

I think most brides will agree that bridal showers are kind of overwhelming. So many people gathering around you, absolutely drenching you with love and care, and no groom in sight to help you take it all in. This was absolutely the experience I was able to savor this week, and I hope each of you are able to enjoy the same.

Upon entry, I was immediately crowned with a very fuzzy (and very small) pink princess crown. It was hurting my head a little bit, but there was no way I was going to be taking it off anytime soon. There just aren't enough opportunities to wear princess crowns in everyday life.

I was so excited to see my 6th grade teacher show up at the festivities! As you can tell, she is REALLY tall. She used to play basketball in the men's league with my dad, since she was so awesome the women didn't want to compete against her :) You can also see the fabulous trifles that we available for consumption. A fruit filled vanilla angelcake one, a chocolate brownie one, and a strawberry lemon angelcake flavored.

As you can see I filled my plate up to the brim and made sure to sample all three trifles several times to make sure they were good. I plan on eating as much as I please at the wedding as well. This bride for sure isn't on any kind of "wedding diet".

After everyone had enjoyed a little trifle treat, we all sat down in a circle. I turned to each person and spoke of a memory I had of them and why they meant something to me. My mom had suggested the idea of doing this, and it made me really nervous because I wasn't sure who was coming and I didn't know what I would say. There were a few people that I feel like I stumbled over a little bit, but for remarks made up right then and there I think it turned out to be just what we wanted it to be. It's not something you could do with just any group of people, but I lived in the same tiny town my entire life, and so most of those present were people I had known since I was in diapers.

I had two fabulous helpers when it came time for the present opening portion (the one on the left is one of my junior bridesmaids). Their excitement and enthusiasm for the presents was actually quite welcome, since I think it relieved some of the awkwardness that comes from opening gifts in front of a crowd. I know it probably wasn't as fun for the ladies to give me gift cards but I'm really excited to start shopping!

I was so in love with the popcorn and candy display that was set up for the guests to much on during the movie. My hostess went to the movie theatre and asked if she could buy some of the kiddie boxes that they sell popcorn and drinks in! It was such a cute touch, and I assured her that all of the readers would love her commitment to detail.

We enjoyed about 1/3 of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Everyone was really excited about watching it, but once it started we all just wanted to talk and laugh and the movie got shut off so I could talk about Poland and the wedding.

Everyone had filtered out by about 10:00 pm since it was a Thursday night and they all had work the next day. I can't thank my hostesses enough for such a fabulous bridal shower!

Now it's time to get started on those Thank You notes.....

When you receive a gift card, do you write the Thank You note after you have used it up, or do you talk about how you plan on using it in the future?


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Jenna! You look a-mazing!!!! You're going to be such a gorgeous bride.

I agree the showers are overwhelming. So much fun and so worth it, but you feel like you didn't give everyone the attention they needed, right? I just remember leaving all of my showers and wishing I'd gotten to talk to so and so more. And poor old Aunt Lillie didn't get enough time with me.

I hope you had fun! The trifles look delish!

catholicweddinggirl said...

As far as the thank-you's go, I think it's nicer to talk about how you'll plan on using it as a couple. If you have no idea how you might use it, you could say that you'll use it to help set up your new home together.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

That sounds like such fun Bridal Shower!!! Everything looked quite yummy. When I sent out my thank you's, I did it before they were used. I just said I was so happy to get it and that I appreciated it. Our cards were pretty simple.

Whitney said...

Forgive me Jenna.... for I have sinned.... I still have some thank you's I need to send out.

I'm a horrible person!!

Skywalker said...

What a great shower idea! Nice pictures

Shanna said...


I came across your blog and I have been reading it for hours! I need to do something else, but you are so adorable and you are great at this blogging thing. Congratulations on your wedding!!! I am so happy for you. You are so cute and you are going to be a beautiful, gorgeous, stunning bride. I LOVE this blog and I will check back often. How is your family? Shaylene, your mom...hope everyone is good. I miss good ole rc and hopefully I will make it back to visit sometime in the near future. I am so glad I found you! :) Good luck!

Shanna Wray Hansen

Jenna said...

Thanks for your advice guys! I guess I had better start doing some internet shopping so I can have some idea of what I am going to buy with the certificates :)