Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Relaximoon

I think we booked what some might consider to be the least exciting honeymoon ever. I've dubbed it the Relaximoon because the focus isn't seeing and experiencing everything, it's on doing nothing. I want to take a book and read it. Read the whole thing from cover to cover. And I might even find a little bit of time to write a post or two, as I have already checked to find out if wireless internet will be available :)

The first 3 nights we will be staying here:

Then we will drive 3 hours to stay here for 4 nights:

Each of those adorable little buildings is a separate hotel room called a cliffhouse!

Why would some consider this so boring? The first room you see is located at Hotel 1000, our wedding venue.

The second location? Well that is where I work. Yes, I am honeymooning at my work. The very same place that forced me to work at 13.5 hour catering shift until 3:30 AM (when I live 40 minutes from work) this past weekend. My work is also a winery, and neither of us even drink wine.

Why would we do this? Because our total cost for lodging for one week at these two hotels (which are both placed on Washington CEO magazines Top 20 list of hotels in Washington state) will be less than $1,000. Yes, you read that right. This may be my most glorious example yet of utilizing your resources in planning your wedding. Just for fun I've done the research to see what it would normally cost to stay in these rooms, and the cost would be at about $2000 after tax. I almost salivate thinking of all of the things we can do with the $1000 we are saving (I salivate because most of that money is going towards splurging on room service and bath bomb filled bubble baths).

After I moved home for the Summer I started working at Cave B Inn, where I have worked for the past 2 summers. It's a long drive to get there, and I complain a lot right now because I don't want to be working their anymore, but I really love the place. I am sure I will have lots of pictures for you after the honeymoon that will help you understand just how breathtaking the views and the sunsets are. Plus, after working in the restaurant for 3 years I pretty much have the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus memorized and will be able to order all of our meals from memory :)

As soon as I started working again I turned in employee discount applications for all of the properties that fall under the MTM Luxury Lodging umbrella. They have boutique hotels all across Washington state (and some in Boston and San Diego if you are interested) and if you are working at one property, you can stay at any other property for a discounted rate of $95-$120/night. Staying for a rate that low is like getting away with murder when you consider that the majority of these rooms start at $300/night and go up from there.

The biggest drawback? At Cave B my customer service will be provided by the very same people I work with on a daily basis. Guess it is time to go apologize to that jerk in guest services who freaked out on me after a little disagreement we had on Saturday night. I wouldn't want him deliberately denting our rental car when I handed him the keys and ask him, ever so sweetly, to trek outside in the freezing cold weather to bring down yet another bucket of ice for the newlyweds ;)

Anyone else utilizing their resources for their honeymoon?


Blablover5 said...

We're spending 3 days at the place I went to when I was younger so I know all the ins and outs of it.

I suspect just the fact that we're staying in the midwest and driving makes us weird but it'll be nice and simple and we get to go to a haunted amusement park. Score!

The Raybould Family said...

Beautiful! Our wedding night we stayed in the honeymoon suite at the Grand American in Salt Lake. It was a gift from my sister in law. I loved it, it had it's own LIVING ROOM! Then we went to Anaheim because I had never been to Disney Land. I loved it. Now I just want to go to Disney World :)

The hotels you are staying in look wonderful. I don't think anything negative about you staying there. The deal you are getting for such a wonderful place is amazing. And I love a Relaximoon. There were soo many times, about every day that I just wanted to lay down. Not walk anywhere, just be with Jaren. So you have the right idea.

Molly said...

We're not but that's a great idea. We're doing a "mini moon" right after the wedding. A few days up north (my guess is Maine or NH, but Michael has planned it so it's a surprise!) and then we're doing a big honeymoon probably to St. Lucia this winter.

It gives us time to save up some money, and something else to look forward to!

GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

this is totally right up my alley! looks like there could be some beautiful views. i completely understand. that all i want to and sleep and eat some more.

we're looking at getting a condo and a resort beach. it will be off season, so the rates are very similiar.....we'd be able to stay a week in our own luxury apartment for less than $1000!

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

We stayed at his aunt's Bed & Breakfast in Oregon and didn't have to pay a dime! Granted it we were staying with family, but it turned out to never be an inconvenience. In fact, they spoiled us rotten! Normally, people pay thousands of dollars to stay there and we got to stay for free. Not to mention, they don't live close to a lot of family so they told us that we could come back anytime...FOR FREE! We're planning on going there for our 1 year anniversary.

Claire said...

My grandma and mom shared their timeshare points so that we could stay at a nice hotel in Mexico and we used my dad's frequent flier miles for the airfare.

Jenna said...

raybould-Yeah, we haven't had enough time to "lay together" yet so we will be taking advantage of that as much as possible ;)

molly-I don't know how many times I have tried to convince him that this is our "mini-moon" and that we need to do something bigger later on. I don't know if it is working though.

Jenny-Using your resources, the best way to go!

Claire-I have heard of parents doing this, and it makes me wish mine could do the same thing, but farmers don't do much flying :)

Tiffany said...

thanks for posting about this! I've been looking for a winery to stay at in Eastern WA. Cave B looks beautiful. I am going to be booking a weekend getaway there!

Any other tips on where to go in Eastern WA? We usually just drive straight from Seattle to Spokane so would love to know any spots that we could stop at along the way!