Sunday, September 14, 2008

Golfing Groomsmen

I have been working on him for weeks, and I was finally able to get That Groom to agree to the groomsmen gift I had come up with. We didn't have the budget to give them anything that they would want to keep for a long time (which is ideal if you are going to put money into buying an object) so we started looking around for "experience gifts" instead. We wanted something more personal than gift cards, and it just so happens that our reception venue had the perfect solution!

As I am awkwardly demonstrating we will be treating the groomsmen to an hour of golfing in the virtual golf club at Hotel 1000! I think that my form in the photo below shows you why they will not be inviting the bride down for a round.

The club offers a variety of course options, which means that they will be able to experience the excitement of Pebble Beach and still make it to the ring ceremony on time. I assume they will want to do a little competing, and the longest drive or closest to the pin competition options should be just what they are looking for.

Did you give your groomsmen an "experience gift"?


Guilty Secret said...

That is such a good idea: the gift of fun.

Ha ha, that sounds so cheesy but you know what I mean ;)

The Raybould Family said...

We had one groomsmen; he was the best man. Jaren just wanted his best friend, and I wanted all my sister in laws and sister and Chelsi B.

I feel horrible that we didn't put gifts in our budget. Like I said, I wish I had more time to plan.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

We decided to nix the groomsmen and bridesmaids idea, but if we had this definitely would have been our idea of a good gift. That's so great and what a great way to say thank you for being in the wedding. I love it!

Skywalker said...

That sounds like a great idea - alas, my husband choose not to give his attendants gifts so all the ladies (moms included) at least got something...dads/brothers/friends - nothing.

Jenna said...

Jenny-I can understand why you would nix the. They are so expensive to have!