Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Temple Time Capsule

Let's journey back 7 years and take a look inside the mind of 16 year old That Bride. A girl who loves to sing and dance, who has already become slightly wedding obsessed. We won't be using a time machine for this journey, instead we'll be using a time capsule!

I've mentioned before how important temple marriage is in the LDS faith, and as teenage girl I participated in many youth group activities learning about temple marriage. The best activity I attended involved filling up canning jars with wedding themed items, and sealing them ourselves using a canning trailer. I was so excited to move home after getting engaged, break out the can opener, and see what had been waiting inside for 7 years.

We were told to open the can with our fiance, but I had a hunch that inside the can was a letter I had written to my future husband, and I was correct. It ended up being part of my ring ceremony reading, which I will be sharing with you all when I do my wedding recaps.

It turns out the can was sealed on October 10, 2001, and I was married on October 11th, 2008. It probably doesn't mean anything, but I thought it was cool how close the dates matched up! On the back of the can the "ingredients" were listed. The can was filled with things like traits I wanted my husband to have, traits I want for myself, a letter from my church leader, and other various objects. Many of those things would probably be of no interest to you, and are a little bit personal for me to share.

Of course what I will be sharing are the most entertaining things: my desired wedding colors, ring, dress, even the physical characteristics I was looking for in a husband!

I must have been imagining a spring time wedding, as these colors would have looked ridiculous at my fall nuptials.

I imagine that this is what I wanted for an engagment ring, as I have always been rather adamant that I didn't want anything "sticking up" on my ring. I don't regret the ring that I have, but my 16 year old self was right, it does snag on things.

I like the sweet little neckline on this dress, but is about all I like. The pattern is busy and the skirt would drown me. Also, is there something weird about the glove on her left hand? Are these the kind of gloves that only loop over your middle finger?

Here he is, my dream guy. I think I modeled this picture after meeting the boyfriend of a woman interviewing to be my dad's secretary. He had dark hair and green eyes and he left my best friend and I giggling when he pretended to drink out of a non-functioning drinking fountain (hey, it seemed funny at the time).

Last but not names! Yes, we did a page where we named our children. I don't have a picture of it, though I did write them down before I left Washington however in order to share them with you.

Apparently I really liked the letter R?


"Apes" said...

All I can say is, I love your wedding dress! =D I really need to catch up on your blog!!

rksquared said...

That is so fun! Thanks for sharing.

EthidiumBromide said...

Wow! I can hardly imagine picking out wedding "wishes" when I am 16! But I think that's a reflection of religion... today, in Judaism, often times couples don't get married until late 20s or 30s, so when you are 16, it is SO far away, and nobody would even think of starting to discuss it! As my Rabbi pointed out, I am extremely old-fashioned, because I met my husband in college, and was married at 24.

We did something similar in AP English class though -- we had to write a letter to ourselves 8 years in the future, and then our teacher mailed them to us. Mine came in the mail to my parents house in September and they forwarded it to me -- it's creepy how accurate I was with my life. Basically, I turned out EXACTLY how I thought I would, in terms of what I am doing, who I married, with whom I am still friendly, where I am living, etc. All my other friends were way off base with their letters!

Skywalker said...

One, that is so cool that you were able to preserve a little piece of yourself way back in 2001 and then get to open it with That Husband.

Two, the dates are kindy freaky but again congrats.

If you have daughters, would you want them to do this as well - kind of a tradition?

Blablover5 said...

That is too cute. I love to find old journals and the like and see what I was thinking my life would be like at this point.

Though I do know I would not have had anything wedding related as I figured I'd never be getting married.

It's amazing how much you get wrong as a kid.

Blablover5 said...

Oh also, Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

That is super cute! It almost makes me wish that I did something similiar, but when I was 16, all I wanted to do was play golf, ride my bike, school and go on exchange. But it would have been interesting to see where I think I was going to be in 10 years.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

omg that is awesome! i would have loved to do that and open it with gareth - SO SWEET!

Whitney R said...

And very interesting names.

I had a time capsule too. It's not a wedding one and I haven't opened it but I had my letter to my husband and gave that to him on our wedding night. It was really funny :)

ka1t_lyn said...

Wow, I've always imagined my wedding but that seems like so much fun!

I love the baby names, I guess you really did like the letter "r".

Bre said...

Haha, good times! I think my mom and my sisters opened mine when I got engaged and then mocked me a little. I still remember how hot and funny we thought that guy was. :)

Molly said...

This is so fun! I love that you had a chance to look back on that.

kali said...

That is too cool, I remember doing those time capsules in Young Womens. I actually like the name Bryant. I am 5 months pregnant so I am really getting interested in names by now. We got the cute little pumpkin hat at Gymboree. I got one of the last ones they had left. People are selling them on Ebay and craigs list becasue they got really popular.

Amanda and Jared said...

I had a time capsule too. We opened it I think after we got married. Apparently I wanted 7 children, still do actually. One down 6 to go! lol

EthidiumBromide said...

So, someone I work with was showing me pictures today from an LDS wedding in which she was a bridesmaid, and as she was narrating and naming people, it got me thinking about your name list. Most of the LDS individual I know have totally unique names, and looking at your list, a lot of those aren't exactly common. Coming from a Jewish background, lots of my friends, especially those from very religious families, have less-than-common names by U.S. standards as well, but they are all Hebrew names, so I was wondering what the cultural or religious background is behind naming, if you wouldn't mind sharing. I hope you don't think I'm being insulting (99% of the population could not pronounce my Hebrew name if they tried!), I'm just curious!

Guilty Secret said...

That is so cool! What a fun post :)

I can't wait to hear all about your ring ceremony and the letter to your future hubs.

natalie + joshua said...

Oh my gosh Jenna, this must be an Eastern Washington thing, but I made the EXACT same time capsule when I was 16...Your tastes were a little more refined then what mine were when I was 16. I should have blogged about it...HILARIOUS.

Jenna said...

ethidium bromide-that is crazy that you knew yourself so well back then!

skywalker-I would love for them to do this. It's actually very common in our church (as you can see from many of the comments by other girls) so they will probably end up doing it as well!

bre-STALKER. Look at you just commenting out of nowhere.

kali-I really like the name Bryant as well! It's a little too similar to my own fathers name though.

ethidium-I don't think there is really any pattern among the LDS people in terms of names. We don't tend to lean towards biblical names or family names I don't think. All of my friends seem to be named the popular names of the 80's (Heather, Megan, Jessica, etc) Personally I think those names I wanted as a 16 year old are absolutely ridiculous!

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