Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let the Teasing Begin

If you follow my photographers blog (as a few of you have admitted to doing) you already know that she has been devoting entire posts to our wedding day photos. It's a little overwhelming actually, but I appreciate the opportunity to see the photos for the first time and read about the day from her perspective.

Why would she devote so much time to our pictures? To quote her:
Jenna was my very first ever roommate at BYU (and makes the top 3 list of favorites, out of 32!), so she gets special treatment.
We chat online almost daily and we plan on flying her out to do a newborn shoot (her specialty, but not happening anytime soon) no matter where we are living. So the relationship we have is so much more than just a wedding vendor and a bride, and I love it.

I still want to wait for the cd of prints I purchased with my package before I start my recaps, as I want to really convey the story of our day, not just the best photos. However, for the next few days I am going to choose a favorite photo from each of her posts and tell why I love it so much.

Let's start with a getting ready shot.

Reasons why I love this shot:

1. The lighting is amazing.
2. It's ultra dramatic.
3. You may think that I am giving thanks, or having an intensely emotional moment as I prepare for one of the most beautiful things I will ever do. Nope, I am freaking out because they are tugging on my head to get the veil in. I have a really tender head and I am kind of a baby about people pulling on my hair. My head was so sore after the entire thing was backcombed for what felt like hours. Ok, fine, it was like 20 minutes, but I think I only cried one time!

To see more shots of me getting ready, visit the post here (or don't and then it will be more of a surprise when I finally do tell all!)


Guilty Secret said...

I love that you're sharing the real story behind the photos. I totally thought you were leading a group prayer!

Blablover5 said...

I love those candid shots where it looks like you're doing one thing but in reality you were thinking or feeling another.

It's almost like a little secret between you and the picture.

ka1t_lyn said...

Well, I haven't followed your photographer's blog but I did go look and oh my goodness-- so amazing!!

I too love the story behind the image :)

Skywalker said...

If I didn't know the back story of the photo, I would assume you're trying to collect your thoughts. Your friend's pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

girliegrl85 said...

You are so lucky to have such a talented friend! I love the lighting of this shot too...but I think your commentary of what is really going on makes it better. Can't wait to see more!

(For some reason I can't leave my name and url because I'm not associated with any of the open ids so I had to use my super old AIM SN. haha Is there an alternative that I can do if I still have my own blog and don't want to use my aim sn?)

Michelle @

Jenna said...

blab-Oh a secret between the picture and I! I love it!

Michelle-You can register with OpenID and then you won't ever have to register again and you will be able to comment on all blogger blogs from then on!