Friday, October 3, 2008

Pay it Forward Booty

When I wrote about Pay it Forward a few weeks ago, jes commented and ask that I share what I sent to those who sent me their addresses. Want to see?

I thought it would be appropriate to take a picture of it in front of the corn field next to our house.


These are my dads organic onions, and I was so excited to send them around the United States and share the Andersen goodness with a few of you. The ladies at the post office tried to insist that I needed to ship each box for $15 dollars each! Since they were trying to tell me that the onions would go bad in a week. Psssshhhhhh. Whatever, those ladies don't know a quality product when they see one.

I hope the ladies I sent things to will really pass them on. This was such a fun thing to be involved in. I think I will brainstorm a little bit and try to do something else similar after the wedding. I love connecting with blog friends in real life!


Guilty Secret said...

What a cool idea. They can make soup and pretend they're at your wedding!

EthidiumBromide said...

Mmmmmmmmm onions! I totally would have participated for your own organic onions! I tried to do it once and put it up on my blog and nobody wanted anything from me, and I felt really guilty, because the person who I got it from sent me this really awesome bookmark made out of recycled junk mail... but nobody who read my blog was willing to give out their home address so I could give out anything, and I was going to hand knit everyone a scarf. I guess people think I am scary and was going to come break down their front door? Big bad Ethidium Bromide? Who knows!

Single Girl said...


I wish I had won!

Whitney R said...

I want to send potatoes!! But I'm worried about the cost.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm onions! Those look so lovely! My family (especially my parents) are organic fiends (it helps when one of them is allergic to pesticides) so I was wondering if these onions or any on your family's produce is sold in Alberta? It would be cool to support someone that you inadvertently know!

Jennifer said...

Don't worry I haven't forgotten you..your booty should be going in the mail today!

alli said...

Yes! I received your beautiful onions in the mail and I can't wait to use them in a yummy stew this weekend! Thanks for sharing this with me.

Jenna said...

guilty-You seriously make me laugh SO HARD

ethidium-Try it again! I'll send everyone your way and get you some participators. Who wouldn't want a hand knit scarf?

jennifer-So excited to see what you sent!