Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Relaximoon: Part 2

Maybe you thought that after spending the day at the aquarium we would want to participate in some "mature" activities like a couples massage or visiting a fancy museum.

Nawwwwww. We went to the Pacific Science Center where I learned cool facts while emptying my bladder.

We felt like little kids again as we sat in the giant kitchen table and chairs.

Before the wedding I made myself a weddingbee jacket and wore it proudly multiple times throughout the honeymoon. Yes, I know, I am just a leeeetle bit obsessed.

I remembered this room from when I was a kid. You go inside, press yourself up against the wall, and wait for a big flash to go off. Then you step away and your shadow is frozen in place. I am not sure if this is That Husband's rock star post or his "Police! put your hands where I can see them!" stance.

We spent something like 20 minutes rolling on the floor laughing in front of this machine. You line your face up with a dotted line, and then it will match up two halves of the right side of your face, and two halves of the left side of your face. Takes the phrase "Don't get on her bad side" to a whole new level I think. Seriously, can you believe how horrible that photo on the left is? I do like the way the neckline on my jacket looks though :)

I was kind of feeling bad about myself until I saw That Husband 's face split up, with one side looking like a testosterone filled football player and the other looking like a card carrying member of the chess club (actually he *would* be a card carrying member of a chess club if he could find one to join).

Hands down the best part of the PSC is the butterfly room. The temperature is balmy and hundreds of butterflies float all over the room. I didn't want to leave with so many photo opportunities right at my fingertips.

As soon as we saw the beehive That Husband asked "Where is Miss Dumpling?" This should not be a surprise to anyone, since I speak about the Bee's like I know all of them in real life.

We did a photo exchange with a nearby couple to get the classic "couple standing in front of the space needle" shot which should be a part of every honeymoon album.

Apparently the cake from the wedding wasn't enough, we needed much, much more. So we headed back to Simply Desserts (I felt a little embarrassed considering I had just purchased 8 cakes from them 4 days before) and ordered ourselves enough slices to make sure we could have cake for breakfast every morning on the honeymoon. And also a few extra slices for mid-afternoon snacks. And midnight snacks.

We arrived at Cave B Inn on Tuesday evening to find things just the way I had planned. The biggest bonus to honeymooning at your work would be the connections with the housekeeping staff. I was able to spot $20 for the sparkling cider and the roses, and they even had a CD playing for us when we walked into the room. Definitely very relaxing after a very long drive.

Although, I would like to know what you are supposed to do with the rose petals once it is time for actually getting in the bed? Haha. That is the kind of stuff you don't see in the movies.

Want to know why people stay at Cave B? Because this is the view you have from your own private balcony.

I can't resist posting a teaser shot from the after wedding shoot my mom did with us on the last day of our honeymoon.

The very last thing we did on our honeymoon involved fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine (really, lifelong dream!). About 30 minutes away from where I live there is a place called Vantage, with a huge bridge that takes you across the Columbia river. Right before you go over the bridge there is a patch of smooth white sand, and every time I drive by there is a new message written in the sand with the rocks.

We drove up and rudely tore apart the previous message. It just so happens that That Husband's name starts with S, so we were able to reuse both the heart and the S from the previous lovers.

I wanted to get good pictures, which meant that we couldn't have a whole bunch of ugly rocks obscuring our photo, so I made That Husband pick up all of the rocks and toss them down the hill to clear the shot a little bit. I helped a little bit, but I also took pictures. So I mostly didn't help.

What a wonderful way to end our dreamy relaximoon.

Were you able to achieve any "lifelong dreams" on your honeymoon?


Blablover5 said...

We were horribly nerdy on our honeymoon and spent some time at the Science Museum in Minnesota and then later met with part of the cast from MST3K.

I actually shook Joel's hand. Eek

Jenna said...

Ohhhh nice dream to fulfill blab.

Guilty Secret said...

Aw, that is so romantic. I'll tell you whether I fulfil any lifelong dreams on my return ;)