Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That Bridesmaid Attire Assault

All my bridesmaids are LDS and so they all dress following the modesty guidelines I discussed once before. Finding a knee-length fancy dress with sleeves for one person is tough. Finding that same dress, for less than $150, in 6 different sizes in just the right color is impossible. I almost put them in this dress from Target.com, but I seemed to be the only person that liked it. Maybe I just wanted it because I have always wanted to smash the belief that the bride should only wear white into a million pieces. What a silly outdated rule. Is anyone REALLY going to confuse the bridesmaids for the bride? Why would you invite people to your wedding that don't actually know who you are?

Thus, the That Bridesmaid Attire Assault was developed. I emailed the girls, told them the situation, wrote them each a check for $100 and put it in the mail. I told them to find:
A black dress to wear on the wedding day. No silver embellishments. Think fancy cocktail party dress. Look for dresses made with satin, silk, chiffon, etc. It's going to be hard to find dresses made with jersey, cotton, or polyester that are going to look fancy enough. I'm not looking for the standard "cultural hall reception" dress, I want something fabulous!
Shoes should be gold, or black and gold. Don't worry about them matching, none of yours are going to match mine at all, just find something you love and that you know you will wear over and over after the wedding.

I created a Google Notebook and filled it with dress options and sent them the link. I emailed the periodically to check up and see how the hunting was going. I bought one girl her dress off of ebay. I made MOH Shay call them to check how things were coming along. What a surprise it will be to see what they all end up wearing that day!

Crafty BM Maggie sewed her dress with her mom this morning. I am so curious to find out what they came up with....

BM Beni Bop is going to be hot in her little Calvin Klein number that I purchased off of ebay for her. We don't really know it if is actually a CK or a reproduction, but she likes it so we decided to keep it! She has some black peep toe heels with a gold spike (Nine West I think?) to go along with the dress.

I have no idea what BM Bree's dress looks like, but with shoes like this does it really matter? I mean seriously, I kind of want to tell her she has to give them to me.....

BM Princess Jess has three different dresses she is trying to decide between. This little ruffled number makes me swoon (and she already owns it! Score!)

Not to mention her gorgeous heels.

MOH Shay will be attempting to steal the show in one of the most vivacous dresses I have ever seen her in. Seriously, looking this good at someone else's wedding should be illegal.

As for what everyone else is wearing (and what some of the above named are wearing for shoes/dresses)....I have no idea.

And it feels GOOD! I love my non-matching bridesmaids, and since they picked out their own dresses I would imagine they plan on wearing them over and over again. If not, hey it was free for them!

In what areas have you relinquished control and let someone else pick up the slack? How did you keep tabs on those you deligated responsibilities to?


tallulahbloom said...

I let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses too, I also just told them black and glamourous. I thought this would be a great idea but it seems to have made them super nervous, only one so far has a dress and the wedding is in three weeks!

Guilty Secret said...

OMG Bree's shoes! So hot! And your sister's dress! Woo!

(Can you tell I'm getting excited for you?)

AmyJean said...

I love the shoes too!! :)

Blablover5 said...

You wouldn't believe how shocked some people are that all my girls are gonna wear white (or in one case her wedding dress) to our halloween reception.

I don't get it, it's not their wedding. Why are they up in arms?

Random traditions just bother the hell out of people.

Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

I didn't have bridesmaids, so that area wasn't a problem. But I did have family members on both sides asking what they should wear, color-wise. I told them I didn't care! As long as you come dressed that's all that mattered to me! Haha. Actually, one of my bro-in-laws and his wife came to the reception casually dressed and I could have cared less. It wasn't exactly about them.

Skywalker said...

I told my BMs black as well but we picked out dresses from DB which were absolutely too cute! Good choice!

I loved the second dress - where did she get it? And yes it is a crime to look good at someone else's wedding.

ka1t_lyn said...

Oh man I am experiencing some serious shoe-envy over here!
I love the black-dress look by the way, I think it's an awesome way to go.

Whitney R said...

I wish I did this. I love it!

One Love Photo said...

Non-matching bridesmaids are my favorite! Way to go!