Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teaser 4: Party Portraits

Portrait time with the wedding party was really important to me. We had to be at the temple at 11 am, and all of our wedding party wouldn't be going inside with us so it didn't make sense to do pictures before. We knew we would emerge from the temple somewhere around 1:15, and we wanted to get a few pictures with all those in attendance as well. We knew we had to budget around 20 minutes for the drive from the temple to the hotel, and that everyone would be driving in different cars and arriving at different times.

All I can say is budget extra time for your portraits. More time than you think would ever be possible to fill, because there will be setbacks. Like how the groomsmen all decided to swing by the hotel and pick up their "party clothes" to spend a night on the town after the wedding. As the bride I stuffed my face with a sandwhich and tried to pretend like I didn't care (Oh, did I sound sort of shrill when asking where they were? My bad).

No matter now though, because we ended up with photos like this:

Do I even need to be explaining why I love this photo by Kelli Nicole?

1. Everyone somehow managed to have the same kind of expression on their face. Not just any expressions, but some of the hottest and sassiest expressions I have ever seen in a wedding photo.
2. I knew the suitcases could be a stretch. Would they look awkward, would the bridesmaids (and man) want to haul them around and pose with them? Whether they liked them or not, at least they did a good job pretending.
3. Look at my little junior bridesmaid in the bottom left. We only had to coach her one time, and that was to keep her panties from showing :)
4. Does bridesman Trevy not look like a GQ movie star? I'm feeling a little flushed.
5. We managed to pull off shots like this even though we had to get up about every other shot and allow people to walk up and down these stairs. These stairs are only a block or two from Pike's Place Market so they stayed pretty busy the entire time.


Guilty Secret said...

Seriously one of the coolest bridal party shots ever. The expressions are amazing, as are your girls' dresses. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty awesome photo. You have one great looking bridal party!

Blablover5 said...

The party clothes comment reminds me of my best friends wedding.

All of us girls were at the church at 10, getting our hair and the like done. The guys just had to show up a half hour before the photographer and as soon as they did show up and get dressed they suddenly announce they had to make a beer run and left.


Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the most amazing wedding shots I have ever seen!

ka1t_lyn said...

To me, one of the best parts of this picture is how you are totally the focus of attention. Your look absolutely stunning. Then I look around at all those people surrounding you and they look amazing. Plus the location is stunning.

Just incredible photography.

Rachel said...

Your friend is an amazing photographer!! These are really really great pictures!!!

And I love the "penny" tradition!

Whitney R said...

I LOVE this picture.

tina said...

This looks like a magazine shoot! Seriously! And I think that your sister has inherited your camera gene.:) She's a perfect poser in all of your photos.

east side bride said...

totally. awesome.

Jenna said...

ka1t-I like that too. Although pointing it out myself might have seemed a little conceited.

tina-Actually, I learned everything I know from her.

Tiffany said...

you guys are HOT. Seriously. I wish I could've gotten some pictures like this but my parents would have been really confused if I told them NOT to smile in a picture. Just wouldn't work.