Thursday, December 11, 2008

That Wedding: Harbor Sailing

After Whole Foods it was time for our second non-hosted activity of the wedding weekend. We had no idea if the weather would cooperate, and if it didn't it would be miserable time, but we really lucked out.

Harbor sailing turned out to be the perfect choice because guests were able to split up into different areas depending on what they were comfortable with. Their was a guide on the outside at the back of the boat, so guests could hang out and listen to the tour, or they could sit inside. Most of us ended up congregating at the front of the boat where we could just barely hear the tour guide and were able to have our own windy conversations.

Again, we had to convey to guests that we weren't paying for their cruising, so we used the wedding website (and a few emails) to get the word out.

We plan on getting down to Pier 55 after lunch as soon as possible, as it is located right on Alaskan Way next to Pike's Place Market and so their will be plenty of sights to see while we wait for the boat to depart.

Tickets are $15.61 per adult and we will be catching the 4:00 pm cruise on October 10th. Reservations are recommended, but walk ups are welcome. We recommend purchasing tickets online as we would hate to have guests drive down to the pier and be unable to join us because the cruise is sold out. Click on this link to purchase tickets for the 4:00 pm cruise on October 10th.
Click on this link to purchase tickets for the 4:00 pm cruise on October 10th.

Please note that this is a public cruise, and so the boat will be leaving promptly at 4:00 pm. Please allow time for traffic, parking, and purchasing of tickets as you estimate your arrival time.

Everyone who planned on coming did, in fact, make it to the pier on time, and we all waited around excitedly to line up and board. Here I am with BM Meggie and Bridesman Trevy.

Kelli Nicole even managed to catch the boat in time to have some relaxed fun with us. I loved being able to spend some "non-professional" time with her that weekend, because I was just a little bit bossy whenever she was around the next day.

She has really mastered taking self portraits with that huge camera of hers.

We wanted to take a family photo, but every time I got in front of a camera my hair started to attack my face. Everyone looks really great here, except myself.

If my hair wasn't attacking me, it was attacking the person next to me.

My sister captured this fantastic shot of us, where my hair seems to be cooperating for the photo.

Isn't BM Princess Jess a rockstar? She always looks so gorgeous.

I brought along my old Super 8mm camera and some film in hopes that I would be able to have someone shoot some footage on the wedding day but it didn't work out.

Shaylene Rene

My parents are still so in love after all of these years.

I still love my bridal party, even if they called my harbor cruise a booze cruise (Office fans).

I don't think we could have asked for a better pre-wedding day activity to allow us to mingle with our guests!


ka1t_lyn said...

Wow, how gorgeous Jenna. That looks amazing. I love the picture of you and That Husband kissing, it's beautiful :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures and I tagged you!!!! : )

Jenny.Lee said...

It sounds like it was an amazing time!

Cate Subrosa said...

Ah, what fun... if only I didn't get seasick. Love that shot where your hair decided to behave!