Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) Luncheon

There are many things that are very common at most weddings that LDS weddings just don't do. You won't find any alcohol present, which usually means no dancing (Please note that Mormons DO dance. I always find it funny when people ask if that is not allowed as part of our belief system, alcohol just seems helps people feel a little more comfortable on the dance floor and so dancing is more prevalent at other weddings.)

Another thing we don't have is a traditional ceremony, which eliminates the need for a rehearsal. No rehearsal = no need for a rehearsal dinner. Eliminating the rehearsal dinner was great for our budget, but I still wanted that casual dining time with close friend and family. My dad had originally been lobbying for a wedding catered by Whole Foods (not gonna happen Daddy-O), so we did the next best thing and invited guests to join us there for lunch the day before the wedding.


I would have loved to be using my own photo right here, but I was told to put my camera away as soon as I walked in the door and took the first photo. Grrrrr!

The dilemma was conveying to guests that this was a lunch they would be paying for out of their own pocket. Whole Foods was a great option for this because you can spend anywhere from $5-$20 on your meal, and the selection ranges from sushi to macaroni and cheese. I ended up putting the information about Whole Foods under a section of our wedding website called "Non-hosted Friday Activities" and included this description:
We invite all those who wish to join us to join us for lunch at Whole Foods. Yes, Whole Foods is a grocery store, but they have one of the best buffet selections we have ever seen! Guests should budget between $8 and $15 per person to eat lunch at Whole Foods. The price of a meal will vary greatly from person to person as their are many choices and many different ways to build a meal. The organic and natural food variety choices can include seafood, pizza, paninis, sushi, fresh fruit and veggies, home baked classics, pasta and more.
Everyone got the message, and Whole Foods luncheon was a big success. Somehow we lucked out and were offered use of a private room for lunch, which definitely made up for them forbidding the use of my camera inside the store.

Grandma Moo (affectionately named such because she lives on a dairy farm) chose to go with a delicious hoagie.

I had presented my bridesmaids with part 1 of their gift the night before, but part 2 arrived with my Aunt at lunch. I was positively giddy about presenting them.

I made them open them all at the exact same time. Ohhhhh, what are they girls?

Cute little gray hoodies, which they are modeling oh so well the morning of the wedding. I love when bridesmaids have matching outfits while the bride gets ready, and my girls were all wonderful and humored me by wearing them.

I'm sure no one appreciated this as much as I did. I wish I had one for myself now because I just think my little design is so funny!

My Aunt also delivered my bee jacket to be worn while getting dressed the next morning. I put it right one and didn't want to take it off.

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ka1t_lyn said...

I like the wording you gave to your guests, great way to convey the "Pay your own way" feel without making it seem rude :).