Monday, March 24, 2008

Dress Shopping: A Bride Beautiful

First I want to say thanks to all of you who commented on the post Sticker Shock. I have received so much helpful advice, there are many many ideas that I will be implementing into my planning, and I will be following up on each of your comments soon. I think that all other bloggers can agree, it's so nice to know that people who don't even know me can care enough to share their thoughts and experiences with me. I hope I can be as helpful if any of you are ever in need of advice.

I have 25 minutes to get this posted and get over to the library for my Italian midterm review, (okay so I might have been late), but I am hoping there might be some readers willing to give me their opinions on some dresses I tried on this weekend. My Mom ended up coming into town, after being stranded in Vegas after WPPI, and I jumped at the chance to get some dress shopping in while she was here.

You should know, my Mom ROCKS at dress shopping. I can't think of anyone better suited to go with because she is SO honest. I know that this is probably the very reason that some brides want to avoid dress shopping with their mothers, but I appreciate having someone who will tell me what they really think. We established long ago what our boundaries are in terms of comments about how I look, and so she minds her manners and does a great job of giving constructive criticism.

I visited A Bride Beautiful in Salt Lake City, and had a really fantastic experience. We had the store to ourselves and my Mom, sister, and I went to town. Orrie, the owner was so great at listening to my likes and dislikes and was NEVER pushy. At the store I went to last week I said that I wanted a birdcage veil and she replied "Oh you don't want a birdcage veil. You NEED a real veil." Excuse me, I think if I just said I want a birdcage veil I really want a birdcage veil. I consider the birdcage to BE a real veil. But I digress. Orrie never did anything like that, and she even called me today to tell me that she had done some research and would be able to offer me $150 the dress I had chosen. Some might call it a pushy sales technique, but as a bride on a budget, I think it's some great customer service!

Sorry this post is so long, I hope that if you make it through you will be willing to give me some feedback!

I just love this dress, it reminds me of this dress from the knottie oct2007bride bio. I have seen dresses very similar to this on other brides and that is exactly the problem, I really want a dress that is unique, so unique I have never really seen one like it before. So this one was ruled out.

I love the mermaid style more than I thought I would. Though I think that the top might make my bust look large (I am always self-conscious about that).

Love the color. I don't know why anyone chooses a white gown. I am so in love with Ivory and Gold!

My mom really loved this one, because of its many details, but I just can't get over the weird sweep over the bust.

Another that my Mom really liked. As you will see below, the train is really beautiful on this one. I love the tulle over the lace. When I look at it now it just doesn't really do anything for me though.

And here is the train....

The last 4 are my favorites.

This wasn't one we loved at the time, but the more I look at the photo the more I think it has potential. I think we ruled it out because we weren't sure how to add sleeves and make them look really natural. I hate when it is really obvious that sleeves were added on to the gown. I want it to look like it was designed that way. I am going to have to try this one on again.

Another dress that I like more in the photo then I did at the time. Looks great with the little veil. Gives me a great waist and I love the pleated skirt, with little jewels tucked into the top of the pleats. I think I will also give this one a second look.

I love love love this dress! Sadly it is a little bit out of my price range, and also impossible to move around in. But the pleats, the pretty pretty pleats. I am not this thin in real life, there is some Spanx-sucking Hip-Hugging magical action going on here. This dress made me feel sexy and curvy, and I may have jumped around for joy in it a few times. No photo proof of that though.

Please don't mind the makeshift sleeves falling down my shoulders in this picture. It is meant to be a halter-style dress, but we were using the straps to get an idea what sleeves would look like. This is the dress I decided I wanted to order after the day was over, but now looking at the pictures I am not so sure. You would think I wasn't very happy with it at the time either from the look I have on my face. I felt very pretty in it, I felt like myself. The sleeves will look gorgeous and SO natural, and we are going to add some pleats to the bottom (if you can't tell, I am really head-over-heels in love with pleats).

I just don't think I like how one breast is "plain" and the other isn't. What does everyone else think?

If you made it through that post, I am impressed. I would love any feedback you might have. There isn't any rush yet, but I am going to have my dress ordered by May if I don't want to be stressing about it. With finals looming in the very very near future, May is going to be here in no time.


ally said...

jenna - yay! i have been waiting for these. i am definitely NOT a wedding dress pro but here are a few random comments -- first of all, WAY better than the last go around. and i really like the veil! 1) okay i know you don't like dress number one because it isn't original enough, and i agree, but it makes you look AMAZING! compliments your shape really well. 2) two makes your boobs look kind of weird. 3) i like the bottom half a lot - unique lines. 4) not the best for the girls. 5) i really like this one! it flows really well and i like dresses that bunch on the side on you. (totally butchering the fashion lingo here, sorry.) 6) love this one! it makes you look your skinniest i think. 7) this is going to show how fashion lame i am: i keep looking for the pleats and don't see them! it looks plain across to me. 8)again, i love the bunch at the side thing. slimming. def easier to make sleeves work with this one. i probably would never have noticed the uneven boob thing unless you pointed it out. i would have to see it in person. its so hard from a single picture! most importantly it's all about how you feel. you have some AMAZING choices here though! i'm so excited for you...

Chriselda said...

i'm gonna vote for the 3rd one from the bottom!! cute cute! love the line it creates at the waist

Chrys said...

So here are my thoughts:)

Dress #1: Cute, very basic but it looks great on you

Dress #2: I love the way this one fits on you, it looks stunning in front and the back is awesome. I think of the ones shown, it is my favorite.

Dress #3: The bust is cute, but your waist disappears in this one.

Dress #4: I love the train on this one two, but from the front it was just "ok"

Dress #5: Cute, but there are others here that looked much more flattering

Dress #6: Like this one - LOVE it:) I think the look of a drop waist with a slightly fuller skirt works really well for you - it gives you an awesome waist. That's part of the reason why #2 looks so great on you to.

Dress #7: Very cute, not my fav though and super pricey right?

Dress #8: What the heck is with the arm bubbles? Lol - that's to funny. Anyway - it's not bad, and it does work well on your figure.

So - the ones I think look best on you: #2, #6 and #1

style-ish said...

You look great! You picked really great gowns for your figure. I am really liking the first picture of your four favorites. I'm not sure how much of a sleeve you are going for, but I think it would be adorable to add a cap sleeve to it. Or a shrug like this Monique Lhuiller

(this takes you to, I just didn't want to have a huge URL on my comment)

Jenna said...

Wow so much great feedback! It helps to get others opinions, I am starting to look at things differently (which is a good thing).

ally-I wish you could go dress shopping with me. Maybe if we were ever in Seattle together we could go. Are you going to be in Seattle in October? I hope you will able to be there and see me in the actual dress!

chriselda-I am not sure if that is just some good photography by my Mom or if that dress really creates such a tiny waist for me. Dress shopping with a photographer is one of the greatest things you can do. I was constantly told to roll my shoulders and turn my hips.

chrys-#2 is so dramatic, I do really love it, but how often do you really walk around with your train down? I think I like the back more than the front.

style-ish-I am so in love with little jackets (that monique jacket is so perfect) but my mom is SO against them. I have to just pick my battles, so it sounds like a jacket is out.

Emily said...

My favorites are the third from the bottom (with the veil), this one is super flattering and the last one. The gold and ivory look great on you!

Timothy Uhl said...


I noticed you had a link to our site, thanks for that. I also noticed you mentioned WedFog in aiding your search for a wedding photographer. I'm involved with their marketing, and I was wondering if you'd be available for a video interview? Please let me know.


Jenna said...

emily-I think that the third from the bottom is looking like the best option as well. I think it suits the veil perfectly. If I get that dress, the veil is only $4! Amazing! Maybe I should go with the gold....

fatafelice said...

I REALLY like the one that you are wearing the birdcage veil with! You look stunning in it.

ley said...

Okay, well, you look crazy-gorgeous in all of them, but I have to say that the 3rd one from the bottom is HOT.

Oh yes. That one is my favourite!

Abbie said...

I think the #2 of your favorites looks amazing... especially with the birdcage veil. They all look great, though. I think #1 of your favorites would look nice w/ sleeves. Good luck!

Jenna said...

fatafelice and ley and abbie-aw, thanks for the sweet compliments. I'm blushing!

saundra, event engineer said...

too many to choose from!!! you look BEAUTIFUL!

thanks for the add!

Jenna said...

saunda-Thanks for stopping by, and for the sweet comments. I think that having too many to choose from is part of my problem! I am just not quite picky enough.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! you are stunning! i HEART the second dress from the bottom so beautiful! I also love the tulle skirt on dress number 4 but youre right about the shape doing nowt for ya

mnc said...

Third from the bottom is totally beautiful. Is #4 I think a Soterro and Midgeley?

mnc said...

OK, had to come back to say, the 3rd one with the 'sweep over the bust.' I think that is the Soterro one. I had to click it to make it big, but that dress is gorgeous, seriously, and it looks good on you. I was considering that dress!

Jenna said...

Kat-you are so nice, thanks for making me feel beautiful!

mnc-I actually think that A Bride Beautiful only carries Demetrios and Illusions, I am not for sure on that one though. The sweep dress is gorgeous but I know my guy would hate it.

Lady T said...


i can't see the first 4 photos!!!

wow!!! you look great girl! you've got an awesome body, seriously!

i'm pretty busty too so many of my dress excursions involved me asking my mom or friend "are these church boobs?" "i don think these are church boobs..."


i had the same situation too with the pic taking. some dresses i didnt like really looked great in pics. in fact, there is a dress taken on my cell that i use as a screen saver that makes me look sooo "skinny" til i wonder, why didnt i pick that dress?

but i am pretty sure i picked the right dress for me.

i'm not sure if you've addressed this (i didnt read all the comments) but have you considered a bolero of some sort?

i wanted a bolero....and now tihe my dress ordered, i may still get one depending on how my back view is looking by wedding day. i dont have to cover my shoulders but if i look liek a hog, i'd like too, kwim?

and i know this comment is already very, very long, but i LOVE the birdcage on you!!! it sooo makes me want one

Jenna said...

Lady T-Thanks! I have to be careful about the amount of cleavage as well. I still haven't decided between a bolero and custom sleeves....