Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Shot Birdcagespiration

When Big Shot Artist posted this image on her blog it was love at first sight for me:


Photo booth, bridesmaids in birdcage veils AND white gloves? It was almost too much for me to handle. I even emailed her to ask if I could look at her entire wedding gallery because I just HAD to see more shots of these bridesmaids. They all wore pale pink dresses, gold heels, white gloves, and the birdcage veils. The MOH wore a birdcage with feathers in it to set her apart a little bit. Big Shot said her girls weren't that excited about the idea when she told them about it, but they ended up LOVING them in the end, and all of the sassy shots she has in her wedding album really proves it.

Photo by Audrey Jean Photography, Source

I knew I wanted to do something similar for my bridesmaids, but I wanted it in black and I was nervous about using the Etsy seller that Amanda used because she mentioned that the time it took to get them was a little bit of an issue for her. I decided to get them from Something Bold, who offered me a discount for ordering so many (8!) and shipped them in record time. I had them in my hands just a few days after I ordered them.

They have no clip attached to them, but can be attached very easily and discreetly using bobby pins.

I sent some pictures to my bridesmaids to let them know that I would like them to wear them. I modeled a few different ways they could be worn. The first style was sitting sassy and low over the eyes.

If they are pinning their hair up and back they can attach it at the crown.

It can even be bunched up a little bit and worn tucked in the middle or on the side.

I encouraged them to think of ways to embelish and dress them up as well. I really hope they will wear them, and maybe even like them, since I know that this sort of thing isn't something that most of them would participate in of their own accord.

Are you asking your bridesmaids to wear something that might be a little bit out of their comfort zone?


Anne said...

Birdcage veils are such photographic eye candy!! I love the idea of being inventive with them too ;-)

Blablover5 said...

It might help them to adjust to the idea if they can play with them a few weeks for the wedding.

In a funny turn of events that's the exact same thing we're doing with the ring bearer and flower girl. Gonna let them play with their props so they aren't as bothered by them.

Guilty Secret said...

I used Something Bold for mine too and they were so helpful and lovely :)

east side bride said...

These are fabulous!

The night before the wedding my stylist/photographer made peacock feather hairpieces for my ladies that they loved :)

Anonymous said...

These are some wonderful ideas!You look great in the veil.

Sorry I do not get by more often I have no PC of my own,I'll try to get by as often as I can!

Jenna said...

anne-I hope the girls get creative and have some fun with them.

east side-It's nice to hear about that, but where are your pictures lady? :) I am dying!

east side bride said...

Good question, jenna. Haven't heard from her since fashion week. (I didn't pay her so I can't really raise a fuss...) I must tell you, though, I have v. mixed feelings about posting pics on the blog. Not quite sure what my hang-up is :x