Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bridal Shower That Almost Wasn't

This is the story of a bridal shower that I almost didn't want to go to. I was in Utah to pick up my dress and attend a friends wedding when my sister and I were in a car accident on the way between the ceremony and the reception. A quick trip to the emergency room proved that we survived without any damage to our bodies, but the car was towed and we were stranded.

The morning of the bridal shower I had to wake up and figure out how to rent a car, and how to get my sister to Salt Lake in time to return the camera lens she had rented for the wedding the day before. Somehow it all worked out in the end and after pushing the lunch back a little bit we made it to Pizza Factory where I immediately dove in and started eating their super yummy breadsticks. This is when I realized that coming was a really good idea :)
There were only 5 of us present, but it was perfect. We talked and laughed and I had the chance to catch up with my closest friends that I don't spend nearly enough effort keeping up with. I was presented with a popcorn bucket filled with candy and a gift card for rentals at blockbuster. I was also given something black and lacy for the honeymoon, and I am excited to say I only have about 30 days to wait before I put it to good use.

You can see the hospital bracelet from the night before was still on my wrist.

We finished things off with some adorably (and delicious) cupcake favors made by BM Maggie.

If I wasn't flying back I probably would have taken then all back to WA with me!

She made the flower petals with marshallows. So cute.

I have read about a lot of really amazing bridal showers, some which make me really jealous. This shower is probably not the kind anyone is going to be attempting to duplicating anytime soon, because it might not seem like very much, but it really was. I appreciated the time that people took out of their day to come and see me, and I treasure the opportunity to laugh and be with some of my favorite girls again.

Anyone else have big dreams about what their bridal shower could be and then realize that something simple could work just as well?


Blablover5 said...

It's funny but the one my best friend planned kinda turned out that way.

We didn't have any accidents getting there (as it was held a whole 100 feet or so from our apartment) but no one showed up so we all just hung around drinking some wine eating some cheese and just laughing our butts off.

Sarah said...

I've never been in a car accident, so I probably wouldn't have handled it nearly as well as you did.

PS the pizza breadsticks look amazing!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

I would like to point out that you still have the hospital bracelet on the next day! P.S. My car looks so amazing!! You would never know that it was injured!

Elizabeth said...

Those cupcakes are too cute.
And I LOVE those breadsticks! They are the best! Sometimes if you go in right as the kitchen is closing they will let you have some leftovers for free... but you didn't hear it from me!

Guilty Secret said...

I am so stealing that marshmallow petal idea!