Monday, September 8, 2008


I am 32 days away from my wedding. I have not sent out my invitations yet. These two factors combined have created a chemical reaction known as
Symptoms may include an uncontrollable desire to whine and complain, tension headaches, stress eating, and a poopy attitude about life in general. It is diagnosed by checking a persons to-do list (in this case the bride) and analyzing the number of overdue items. The more overdue items will equate a more severe case. If you suffer from this condition, don't lose hope! Treatment involves spending less time browsing wedding eye candy in the blog world and more time tackling items on the aforementioned to-do list.

My treatment involves liberal doses of attempting to cut back on my blog browsing. It also involves a bridal shower invitation.The ladies in my hometown, specifically my mom's group of best friends, are throwing me a bridal shower! Erm, I guess I should say Bridal Movie Shower.
Today I was running around the house half dressed, complaining about being called in to work on my day off, when my mom points out that there is a message written on the back of the ticket in my invitation. I stood in my room in my underwear and cried a little bit when I read it.
Even though I know it should be one of the last things I spend time and energy worrying over, gifts actually sit towards the top of my list. We are getting married in Washington, but living in Texas, and we have no plans to ever drive between Washington and Texas directly after the wedding. Or ever. I have been to enough weddings in my area to know that in my hometown, we are not cash and gift card people. People love to give tangible gifts, but as the poem says, moving all of those items is going to be really hard. It means a lot to me that these ladies would take that into consideration and help me spread the word to just a few more people.

I am still showing symptoms of my Stressarrhea, but this little card lightened the load considerably. The invitations still won't be in the mail tommorow, but I'm feeling at peace with that fact right now. All I can do is get up and tackle those items on my to-do list day after day.

What have you found to be the best treatment for your Stressarrhea?


Guilty Secret said...

I found my best treatment was to go down my to-do list and edit the deadlines to when they actually were. I was stressing out about things being overdue that in reality I had another month to complete. Duh!

That and running. More running = better sleep = less stress, plus I'll be very happy when I shift that last damn 2lb! (I know, 2lb is nothing, but a goal's a goal, right?)

Skywalker said...

I agree - I found that watching TV to pass the time and looking over accomplishments made me feel better.

Plus I had a really good boost toward the end with the wedding coordinator, the final florist visit, buying craft items. It went really well.

The movie shower is soo cute. That was really thoughtful to put that detail about gifts in there too. Have fun and don't stress.

Blablover5 said...

Those invitations are really cute. I love the ticket stub.

I think I deal with wedding stress by doing my damndest to get the hell away from it all for a while.

I know when I start having bad dreams about it all I need a break.

Erica said...

The State or DC?

Jennifer said...

My treatment for Stressarrhea: Singing outloud, a lot! My song (and it can be your song too, wedding twin):
I'm getting married,
I'm getting married,
I'm getting married in 32 days!
hey hey hey hey!
Repeat as often as necessary.

Single Girl said...

Like the Invitation!
And I like the idea of a gift card shower, I have seen those before and they seem like a good alternative for everyone!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Your bridal shower invites are so cute!!!!!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

What a cute invitation!!!

Hmm.... to cure my stressorhea - which is brought on by other things in addition to wedding - I usually try to just take a break totally, for a little while. I'll focus on something else, totally unrelated, to try and calm my mind.

Of course, as it gets closer, I can't really afford to do that too much.... maybe after the invites are sent out....

Jenna said...

guilty-Great suggestion, I am feeling so much happier today because of that very thing.

Erica-Washington State!

Jennifer-Best song ever. I'm singing it out loud right this very moment.