Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That Wedding: Dressing That Bride

Although I was pee-in-my-dress excited to get dressed (which I didn't do because I went potty before I got in the dress!), I remember feeling a little bit self-conscious when it was time to step into Evelyn. I don't usually get dressed with 15 pairs of eyes focusing in on my every move (not to mention the two cameras clicking away). None of that shows in the pictures though, with my face consistently conveying the message "Bring on the dress!"

We called That Mother in to do the dress zipping/buttoning honors. You can see my mom's wedding dress, which I wore for the temple sealing, hanging in the background. I don't have any photos in that dress on the wedding day, just a few from the after wedding shoot we did with That Mother.

As she was zipping That Mother exclaimed "What is this ugly blue thing?"

That ugly blue thing, Mother, is my something blue! I sewed it on myself.

Oops, let's just pretend like that didn't happen.

All is forgiven now because the dress is on! I'm officially the bride!
I love this shot of my mom and I both clapping. Clapping is my "thing", I have tons of pictures throughout the wedding day (and my engagements, and my life) of me clapping in excitement. Now I know where I got it from.

BM Lova took a moment to admire my antique Italian cocktail ring. I fell in love with them at an antique fair in Rome this May and picked out 7 different rings for myself and my bridesmaids.

Here is a closeup shot I took to show you all how fab it is. I still can't believe I scored them for 14 Euros each!

Photo by That Bride

That Mother wasn't afraid to get up close and personal when it came to straightening out the layers under Evelyn.

Cleavage. Yes? No?

Now it was time for the train carrying lesson. That Mother points down and says "Reach down and pick the train up bride-daughter."

"Nope, I can't reach that far down and pick it up, I'm still not used to moving in the dress yet. I need you to help me Mother."

"Ok fine, I'll show you. Hold out your arm and drape it over."

"Now hold it just like this whenever you carry it throughout the day."

"Haha, yep, sure. I'll remember to do just that, dear Mother."

Fancy Nancy, we need the veil! The transformation is almost complete.

This picture has me stumped. Obviously I was very excited about having the veil placed on my head so I raised my arms in triumph to celebrate.

That smile didn't last long...

GRRRRR! The tender head strikes again.

I'll just try to do it myself, thank you very much.

It was right at this moment, my friends, that I truly became That Bride.

One final touch, the family heirloom brooch lent to me by Grandma Moo, before I head over to the woods to meet my groom.

All photos, unless otherwise noted, by the deliciously fabulous Kelli Nicole.

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Cate Subrosa said...

Oh, how I love these posts. They're such lovely reads and also get me excited about writing my own... soon, I hope.

AmyJean said...

I uber heart your dress and veil... so elegant!

Ruby Slippers said...

I'm with Cate! I'm getting so excited. Any minute now I'll have the dang pics! Meanwhile, you look unbelievably beautiful, so happy, and hates off to Kelli for taking such meaningful, well-times and gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You look amazing!
I really do like the clapping - I usually squee with happiness. I think it's really cute that you and your mum are so similar! :)

Blablover5 said...

The commentary is great, and I still really love the picture of you looking up while they're attacking your head with the veil.

And your Mom showing you how to walk with the train is just too entertaining.

Hannah Noel said...

Wow! Your dress is so glamorous!! love love love it! You look beautiful =)

*Michelle said...

I love it! Its so great to have every moment of the great woman into bride transformation on film. Oh, and tender-head photo could be a praise moment photo. Or maybe just praying for the pain to end soon? =)

jemmessica said...

I agree, your commentary is pricless! I hope you make a book for your coffee table sometime with all these pictures and your witty comments to go with them, so you'll always remember those moments.

I can't wait for our big day next fall! (and to document the big day via my blog! hahaha)

Kaitlyn said...

I like your clapping move Jenna-- I ball my hands into fists, clench my jaw, and smile. Yep, it looks as bad as it sounds :)

I love these posts-- the pictures, the commentary. So wonderful!

Rachel said...

I also felt really subconscious getting dressed - I had a control slip thing that I wore and changed into, and then had to sit around in for like 30 minutes! That and a sweater. The slip covered me, but I still felt a little odd.... I mean, I was hanging out in my underwear! ;-)

You look beautiful!! And I like the blue button!!! I think it's really very cool.

Anonymous said...

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