Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Own Little Buttercup

I think I mentioned before That Groom and I are working on finding an engagement ring together. I found a ring I loved a long time ago, back when we had only been dating for a few months. I have talked about how angry the the diamond industry makes me, so I knew that I didn't want to buy new, and I have done a lot of research looking into diamond alternatives. That doesn't mean I am completely against having a diamond, I just don't want to feel like a 9 year old child had to be the one to dig it up for me. Buying an antique or used ring is a great way to avoid this, and it can be a really inexpensive option.

This ring was actually one of the first that I stumbled on, and through each round of "Is this ring the one?" emails exchanged with my friends, it has always stayed at the top of the list. I am completely convinced that there is NO OTHER ring out there like this, and that is part of the reason why I love it! Plus I like that she looks scratched and beat up, I think these scratches mean she has a story to tell; I want to add to that story. Plus she costs under $1000! Every penny saved is one that can go towards another part of the wedding (probably the food, stupid food).

I know this is completely crazy of me, but I actually blurred out the name of the jeweler that sells this ring. It is an online store, and although I know the odds of someone else liking this ring are very slim, I would just cry if someone saw this ring and loved it and ordered before we do. So I took some preventative measures.

He is going to order it, and I am going to try it on to make sure I really like it, and if we both approve it will be tucked away for an undetermined amount of time until the big proposal. Once the ring isn't listed on the Internet anymore I will post a full review.

The stone is just under a 1/2 carat. I love the buttercup "bed" she sits on (I know that isn't even close to any kind of jeweler lingo).

What does you think? Is this hideous? Any regrets I might have?

Don't you think that 2 of these rings by deliasthompson stacked rogether would be the perfect wedding band? I will probably wear them on separate hands because the metal will be different colors. I am kind of matchy-matchy that way. I have no idea what text I would use. Something in Polish on one, and something in English on the other. Thanks to etsywedding blog for this great link!


ClaysJenna said...

I think its beautiful!! I really like it. I cant wait for the full review!! And to see it on your finger!! :) My ring is "different" I havent seen anyone with it on. Now I know people probably have the same ring as me since I bought it from a jewerly store and Ive been back in and it is there, but I like that I can look at others rings and know that mine is definitely one of a kind. Yours would be more "one of a kind" of course:) Anyway...long way to say I love the ring:)

Erin said...

I agree, it's very pretty! I'm also a fan of the antique/vintage jewelry. (both my engagemeant ring and wedding band are from a vintage shop. Mine is also under a half carat. I love it for all the reasons you's different, no children died in the process of obtaining the diamond, has character/history, etc.

Yay! :)

Jenna said...

claysjenna-I think that sometimes even the most generic ring can feel "unique" if you really love it. It's making it your own that's important, not how many other people are wearing it. I am glad you love yours!

erin-I wish I could find some kind of vintage shop that I could go to in person but 1. I am lazy so I use the internet 2. Utah is not very creative that way. I think I would have a better shot if I lived back east.

east side bride said...

Vintage all the way! (And you're not at all silly to blur the name of the store.)

Jenna said...

east side bride-I'm glad you don't think it's ridiculous. Vintage beauties like this don't come along very often.

east side bride said...

I just posted pics of some vintage earrings I haven't bought yet. Decided I'd better not reveal the source ;)

Jenna said...

eastside-Haha, I wasn't intending to create any paranoia. But there are just so many copy-cat brides out there!

Erin said...

Jenna, the shop is literally like half a block from my apartment. Otherwise, I'd have been all about the internet too. ;)

Jenna said...

erin-That is why living in Utah is the worst idea ever. Quaint little antique stores are hard to find here.