Saturday, September 6, 2008

Compromiso: Cuatro

After complete convincing me that he wasn't going to propose, we got up early the next morning on our last day in Puerto Vallarta to do our last round of engagement photos. If you are keeping track, yes, this is the 3rd time we have ventured out to take pictures. We had spent so many hours in the rain searching for the perfect beach, and then we realized that the perfect beach was sitting right outside of our hotel room. Doh!

We started out nice and dry with a beautiful sunrise in the background.
Without my mind running in circles trying to figure out if a proposal was coming anytime soon, I was completely relaxed and acting like myself. I love being in front of the camera, and I was hamming it up.

Kelli came over and whispered in my ear "Let's go take some sexy shots to surprise That Groom with." I was all over this idea, and so we ran off, yelling something over our shoulders about how we would be right back. I was so into the photos, striking all kinds of hot poses (well I thought they were hot at the time) and attempting to be so sexy, and in reality the entire thing was staged by Kelli and That Groom to distract me. Kelli was hardly paying attention the entire time she was snapping away, and I was just eating it up. I probably won't be showing anyone the photos anytime soon because it is kind of embarrassing to think how into it I was when it was all set up to trick me :)

That Groom came and got us and I made some excuse about how we both had to go to the bathroom or something. He seemed to buy it so I thought I was being really clever. I love the shot below because I am being all cutesy and posey and he looks like he is about to pee his pants from nervousness.

Then as you may know, he proposed.

After we had settled down from our post proposal high a little bit, it was time to get back down to business. We took some classic running through the waves shots, but we didn't stay dry for long because I couldn't WAIT to get in the water.

That Groom is resisting my attempt to draw him in all the way. I remember him saying "You're crazy." What did he think we were going to do when I told him I wanted to fly a photographer to Mexico and do engagement photos on the beach?
Kelli actually got IN the water to take some of the shots in the beginning. I think she got a little nervous when a huge wave came and splashed her camera a little bit, but she just laughed it off and kept on shooting.

Things started out sweet.

And thengot a little sultry.

I'm so happy that we did these in the ocean shots very last because we were so relaxed. The one thing I didn't pay enough attention to was how low my dress was. I try to be conservative in terms of cleavage, but the twins I lug around are big enough that they try to peek out and say hello whenever possible. Some of my favorite shots are ones I will end up getting rid of because I have SO. MUCH. CLEAVAGE. So try to be aware of that.
I flashed my entire bum to anyone watching us several times. The waves washed right over us and brought my skirt all the way up to my waist. I didn't think That Groom saw anything, but now I am thinking that from this angle he probably had a good peek.

Several people said that it is a bad idea to wear bright prints in photo sessions, and after seeing these photos I have to respectfully disagree. Especially in light of our time spent frolicking in the waves, the print was the best thing I could have done. I don't have a stick thin body, and in this shot I am standing up soaking wet, but the bright print helps distract you from any bodily imperfections that would normally have me cringing.

We ended the shoot completely submerged. Kelli took photo after photo, and then when she couldn't stand it anymore, she ditched her camera on the shore and came in to swim with us.
In short, this engagement session series was the kind you dream up in your head and think could never possibly happen. I won't tell you exactly what it cost, as it was more than we would have ever budgeted for an engagement session in the states, but Kelli really worked with us in terms of price, and even with this session tacked on I am still paying less for my entire photography package with her than I would have paid for just one day of coverage with the photographer I had previously attempted to book.

My biggest piece of advice to those of you thinking about engagement sessions is to try, in every way possible, to have your engagement session with the photographer who will be your wedding photographer. It gives the groom a chance to meet the person who they will be spending so many intimate moments with on the wedding day, and most importantly of all it gives the photographer a chance to see how you interact with each other.

I cannot say thank you enough to Kelli for doing this, and for providing us with photos so beautiful I am unable to choose a favorite. Grazie, la mia amica.

*All photos are by my beyond fabulous friendographer Kelli Nicole

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Veronica said...

Oh mamasita! You two are very caliente! Such a romantic trip to Mexico!

GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

these pictures are sooo beautiful Jenna. i have tears in my eyes for u guys bc the fun, love, everything comes thru sooo well!

u're right, this was a dream e-session. u look great in that print dress!

and thank u for the tip about the groom meeting the photographer....that is an excellent idea......i might try to squeeze in at least a meeting....FI gets comfortable with ppl pretty quickly so that would be perfect! i'm not sure if we'll get any shots taken ($?), but at least we can all get a rapport going.....

GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

re: invitations: i'd say i'm about 70% complete.

i'm waiting on card stock to come in so i print the hotel stuff and directions. i've got envelopes on order and hopefully they get here soon (saturday/monday). and i have to deal with entering in addresses...i dont even have FI's familys' addresses!

i've decided i'm mailing invitations out as i get addresses. i haven't given our mothers much to if the fallout is that less of their lists get invited? so be it... they've had 7 months to get me these addresses.....

Guilty Secret said...

Hot hot hot!

The Raybould Family said...

I LOVE the last picture of the two of you in the water all the way.

I wish Jaren and I could do a photo session like this even now. Before we decide to get pregnant so that I look like I do now.. cause I'm not so convinced I'll look this good after kids. :)

Jennifer said...

What a great story and you two have such beautiful pictures to show for it! :)

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

Wow, I didn't think they could get any better, but I think you saved the best for last. This is definitely a dream e-session. You will cherish these pics forerver. Isn't it funny how it all works out? Kelli was meant to shoot these! I can't wait to see your wedding!

Chere Amie said...

this looks like such fun!

Tiffany said...

I just have to say that you are gorgeous. that one "sexy" shot of you is BEAUTIFUL.

that last picture - so so hot. loves it!

mnc said...

I love the sultry ones! Hot! And that is so funny you talking about your "girls" all the time. LOL!! I have similar issues, although I don't mind letting the girls do what they will. Very nice.
PS. If you are interested in the veil for real I will give it to you for next to nothing. Just lemme know!

bridal fashion by MILLIE said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in all of these photos!!!! It's also so nice to see the handsome face you'll be marrying!!!! Congratulations!!!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh this is the BEST set! i love all of them but especially the ones in the water!