Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Compromiso: Tres

I woke up from my nap refreshed and expecting another round of engagement photos in perfect weather. Instead we wandered around in the rain. Kelli attempted to keep her camera dry, and I attempted to keep myself dry.

We rode a taxi for at least half an hour out to a popular beach and then turned right back around again when we saw that the river was flooding the beach and turning the water an icky brown color. If you are going to Puerto Vallarta for the beaches, just don't. We spent a LOT of time looking for a good beach in the area and were really unsuccessful. The only good beaches I saw were the ones that could only be accessed by hotel patrons.

After being dropped off by our taxi driver at some remote point (and finding yet again another uninhabitable beach), we decided to take the bus. It was crowded and hot and smelly. But kind of fun in an adventurous way. I was feeling pretty relaxed, which must be the reason why I was flashing so much of my goodies to the camera.

We started searching for a beach somewhere around 5 in the evening, and we got one okay picture of the two of us. It was a depressingly unsuccessful day. Multiply that by 10 when you realize That Groom was trying to find a way to propose the entire time.

A friend tipped That Groom off to a nice restaurant up on the hillside overlooking the water. We only had one little duo play songs for us and attempt to pawn their CD off on us. Pretty good for Mexico. What was not good was my frizzball of a hairdo.

After dinner we ran down to the beach to see if we could capture a few more shots before the light disappeared.
I remember thinking to myself "This is it. He is going to propose right now." That Groom was looking at me nervously and had both of my hands in his. I was just waiting for him to drop down on one knee.

Then Kelli was telling us to spin. Shoot, spinning isn't part of proposing.

After we spun, we walked. Every single walking picture we has always has me leading. It's because I am turning around to say "Come on, this feels silly right now, but it will make a good picture I promise." If you look in the lefthand corner of the ocean, you will see a pirate ship! Well I told myself it was a pirate ship anyways. It made the night more exciting.

We went back to the hotel where That Groom proceeded to convince me that the horrible horrible day had ruined his chance at proposing and that he was just going to do it when we got back to Dallas or something. He really had me going!

*These photos? Kelli did them!

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Guilty Secret said...

I *love* the ones with the sunset, especially the first one. Gorgeous.

The Raybould Family said...

The sunset one's turned out so beautiful. The rainy day makes for a good story :)

Cup Cake said...

OK we (me and Sarah Richards and come friends) went to puerto villarta one summer and were actually pretty far out of the city, the beach was great and we rode that Smelly bus everywhere!

Kelly B said...

I am loving all of your pictures! I hope you make a book of them all with the fun captions :) Thanks for the website suggestion - I think I may make one for all of our guests!

Skywalker said...

Nice - your friend has a great portolio going.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderfully photogenic,I love the illumination from the sunset!