Friday, December 19, 2008

That Wedding: Into The Woods

That Husband and I are hopping a plane to Poland tomorrow morning, so this is the last you will hear from me for a few weeks (Christmas in Poland and New Years in Atlanta, I'm spoiled this year) I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a delightful New Year!

Did I mention I was an hour late for our first look? Haha, writing it that way has me picturing That Groom standing around nervously in the forest waiting for me for an hour, but we ended up coordinating very well through texts and he arrived at the meeting spot just a few minutes before I did.

Somehow, even though we were an hour short on time, we were able to capture close to 150 gorgeous portraits in the woods before the sealing. We were nervous, anxious, excited, and beaming. We were so close to becoming That Wife and That Husband, and I think it shows in the photos.

I think my Aunt placed that curl behind my ear the way she did because she didn't know what else to do with it. With the veil on, it ended up giving my updo a very vintage feel that I love.

Do those pushup ladies! I have a tendency to put my arms up on That Groom's shoulder whenever we are posing and each time I see this photo I wish I would have tried just a little bit harder to complete the 100 Push Up Challenge.

A favorite.

This is the kind of photo that has my friend Amanda saying "Naughty girl, you aren't supposed to be making those kind of advances until after you are married!"

That Groom was so sweet, fussing over my dress to make sure it didn't get dirty. My attitude was "It's going to get trashed anyways, might as well start now!"

The only downside to choosing a place like the forest to take photos is that you can't sit down without getting really really dirty. Unless you have a supply of vintage suitcases on hand that is.

There's my groom, making sure my dress stays pretty and clean. He's so sweet.

Kali Leenstra, the second shooter, wasn't able to stay for the whole day, but I was grateful that she stayed as long as she did. While Kelli was shooting from this angle...

Kali was crouching in the underbrush shotting from my left side.

We aren't really very sassy or cool in real life, but Kelli sure made it look that way.

This shot, one of the only ones featuring us both smiling, looking straight at the camera, is what we are using for our Christmas cards this year. It's the kind of shot a Grandma can love.

I like when other couples have serious shots, but I usually end up looking tired, or mad, or stoned in mine. That Groom, however, just looks so SEXY whenever he pulls out the seriousness.

A little behind the scenes info. Whenever Kelli shoots a wedding she carries 2 cameras around her neck! I don't know how she does that all day.

While looking through these photos I realized I don't just do the clapping thing, I also have a tongue thing. It's so silly, but I can't help sticking my tongue through my teeth just a little bit whenever I'm feeling giddily happy.

Mom, thanks for sacrificing to give me braces as a kid! Those are some teeth to be proud of.

The light coming through the trees was absolutely divine. Somehow, MOH Shay ended up with a camera in her hand, although I have no idea whose camera it was!

Like I said, the light was delicious and dappled.

The pose above was working so well, Kelli asked That Groom to join me on the suitcase. The light was really bright, so we ended up with a lot of photos like this one.

Out of 7 or 8 shots with our eyes closed, we were somehow able to coordinate things to capture the moment below. You might remember it's the photo that Kelli chose to announce our marriage with. It's perfect.

Oh oh oh! Kelli Nicole!

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Kelli Nicole said...

Oh Jenna, I love you. And you both really ARE that sassy AND that cool. I don't think I would like you as much if you weren't :). Have so much freakin' fun in Poland and Atlanta!

Cate Subrosa said...

That last photo really is just perfect. You look absolutely beautiful.

You know what? Not only am I a clapper too, I do the little sticky-out tongue thing! I have a photo of me doing it while we're signing the register (just after being declared husband and wife) that I will certainly post now!

Ruby Slippers said...

Oh, the yummyness!!! Have fun in Poland and Atlanta. I can't wait to see the rest of the recaps!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos as always!

Kaitlyn said...

Loving ALL of these photos. Just amazing.


Oh yeah. You had some GREAT light that day, which made for some awesome photos!

Jenny.Lee said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Kelli Nicole is amazing!

Tasha said...

Jen, I love the black and whites as well as the photo of just you where you're looking up. It really makes your blue eyes pop!

CaliOC said...

I'm in love with your wedding photos! Wow. Everything about them is perfect!