Monday, January 5, 2009

The Wedding: Woodsy Family Portraits

We wanted our immediate family portraits to be epic. We wanted something we would get excited about hanging on our wall. So we restructured the day a little bit and asked our parents and my sister to meet us in the woods after our own portrait session and before our marriage ceremony. I realize now that if we didn't have the vintage suitcases the plan would not have worked and we all would have been taking portraits standing in a line in the middle of the woods. There is nothing epic about that.

But something magic happened when we added those suitcases to the mix and the shots became really beautiful. Well they would be beautiful if the two lovebirds front and center could take their eyes off each other long enough to look at the camera!

It was a good time. Really it was. How else could I show you a picture with everyone smiling and laughing?

Apparently bunny ears are funny in all countries.

I made sure to get some formal portraits with each of my family members, since I knew there was a chance we wouldn't have another chance in the madness of the day. Make sure you do this!

I'm going to guess That Mom doesn't love this shot, but I do since we are making the exact same expression yet again.

It's a little bit freaky how much my dad looks like his dad in this picture. Except he has all his teeth (Grandpa loves to pop his tooth out and scare us grandkids, which I guess explains where I got my tendency to go toothless from).

I love this series of photos. That Husband and his parents only look semi-excited to be in the photos.

Then That FIL and That MIL get the urge to flash a thumbs up at the camera. That Groom says "Really mom and dad?"

So That Groom joins in. Those are some realistic smiles. Polish people are the coolest.

A wall worthy shot of the groom and his family.

We set ourselves up for a family portrait with the new addition to the family and everything was looking rather staid and a little bit boring.

That Sister decides to spice things up a little bit. What is this pose? I don't know.

I can't be mad at her for ruining the last shot with her silliness once I look at this ultra sexy shot. Where does she come up with this stuff?

That Mother is so bummed That Husband is not in this shot because it is hands down our favorite family portrait ever. I have a feeling it's going to be blown up to a 40X32 on That Mother's wall very soon.

I was very calm and relaxed for these photos, but once they were finished I was back to crazy bride mode once again. I ran back through the forest yelling "Get me to the church on time!"

All photos, unless otherwise noted, by that hot babe Kelli Nicole.

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Blablover5 said...

He he he, I love the thumbs up picture.

EthidiumBromide said...

Jenna, I LOVE these pictures. So much better than everyone standing in front of a blank wall.

We took our family portraits around the hotel, but it is a very art deco hotel, so I imagine they would have been interesting... except that the series of 150 or so pictures wound up on a corrupted SD card, and our photographer was not able to recover any of them. Le sigh. At least it was just the family portraits and not the entire wedding...

Ruby Slippers said...

These are just gorgeous. Man, I love your wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty epic photos!

Thanks to you, I now have "I'm getting Married in the Morrning" stuck in my head from My Fair Lady. I now have a visual of you running through the forest singing that. Oh dear.

Cate Subrosa said...

Gorgeous. The whole suitcases in the woods thing worked out just perfectly.

Colleen @ The Everyday Bride said...

perfection: absolute perfection. i typically HATE family portraits, like hate them, but these are to die for. right out of JCrew weddings! well done, tb, wll done!

Cécy said...

I love the props you used. It makes it very let's go on a trip in the forest. And you two looking at each other, that's what's expected on a wedding day, it's part of the charm.

Jenna said...

Ethidium-That happened to my mom once and it was such a horrible situation. There isn't much you can do with an equipment failure like that. I'm glad that it wasn't the whole wedding either!

Anonymous said...

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