Monday, February 16, 2009

That Wedding: Bedding Down

If you have been reading my posts throughout the planning process I apologize for regurgitating this information for the third time, but can you blame me for wanting to visit such a hilarious event one last time?
Pokładziny-The Bedding Down

In ancient times, putting the bridal pair to bed was a normal and expected part of the marriage customs, and was down with much joking and hilarity. The young couple were directed by the entire wedding party to a room that had been specially prepared for them.

The swat, still overseeing that all went according to custom, placed himself on the marriage bed to "warm it up". The womenfolk jumped up and down on the bed to make sure it could hold up and now break down. Rocks or sharp straw or thorns might have been placed underneath the sheets. The swat and swata then chased everyone out of the room and took the bride and groom to the bed and left them alone. The door was locked behind them and after serenading the bridal couple with some very warm and bawdy songs, along with vodka toasts and admonitions "not to be lazy," the couple were left alone.

The next morning, musicians awake the couple and gave them kasza cooked in milk and vodka that had been dyed red as a sign of lost virginity. The sheets were inspected for the expected stain that meant the loss of virginity. This made everybody happy and was the cause of more singing and dancing.
From "Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore" by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab
Somehow Kelli Nicole our photographer, 4 of the groomsmen, and 7 members of the bridal party were able to sneak away for who knows how long to complete the Pokładziny for us. MOH Shay had been entrusted with a key so that all of our belongings could be moved up to our honeymoon suite for us. She had been reading my posts throughout the planning process and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to play a little prank on us.

Looks like the groomsmen settled in rather quickly. The groomsmen lying in the middle even took off his shoes and got under the blanket!

Boys will be boys, you know? Looks like they found another use for the Asian-influenced modern decor items found throughout the room.

I've been emailing back and forth with my Hotel 1000 event coordinator, and when she saw these pictures she said "Don't tell management but these are my favorite shots from your wedding!"

Hotel 1000 has very sturdy beds.

I'm just glad this group didn't show up at our door the next door the next morning to "inspect for the expected stain."

Kelli Nicole gets the credit for the brilliant photos, my sister Shaylene Rene' gets the credit for making it happen.


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What is it with guys and sticks? They just have to hit each other with them as soon as they find them?

I fear I shall never understand the male brain. He he he

Cate Subrosa said...

It's just so cute that they did this. Love it.

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Love these pics of brides maids and men on the beds smiling! Cute!

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