Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That Wedding: Grand Exit

I was one of those brides who had the unfortunate experience of switching event coordinators at the venue. Donna did an incredible job and the transition was very smooth, except for the agreements previously made about what Hotel 1000 would allow our guests to be thrown at us at the end of the night. I was frustrated, to put it mildly, when I was told that all of the ecofetti I had invested in was no longer allowed. I forwarded them back the email from the previous coordinator, packed up the ecofetti, and decided that I would instruct the DOC to hand out the packets no matter what.

My rebellion against the system wasn't even necessary because Donna ended up telling me just before dinner that we could go ahead and do the exit with the ecofetti. I don't know that it will be so, but I hope that after seeing these photos Hotel 1000 will allow brides to have this environmentally friendly option at their own weddings.

This was the second time that day that we were greeted by cheers, clapping, and whistles when we walked outside of a building. I absolutely loved it!

In the next 5 photos I can be found smiling, laughing hysterically, ducking, batting ecofetti out of my way, etc. That Groom has the same look of relaxed excitement on his face the entire time. It says "I'm so happy this is finally over."

As you can imagine, my dress was filled with ecofetti. The v in the front created a kind of pocket that gathered a whole handful!

I love the warm colors in this guest photo.

Has anyone else noticed that That Groom really hasn't been covered in much ecofetti yet? Don't worry, his time is coming.

If you look closely at my right hand, you can see the custom ring from our cake topper.

As I leaned forward to give That Mother a kiss goodbye, the groomsmen came out of nowhere and got my new husband right in the face! I love I'm experiencing this special moment with my mother, and he is in the middle of an ecofetti storm.

Don't you just love the look on the face of GM Nate in the far right corner of his photograph?

And it just keeps coming.

That Groom couldn't get away without one last pat on the head by the Best Man to make sure the ecofetti was there to stay.

I love me some in-camera motion blur. Let's get out of here husband!

Kelli Nicole wound up covered in ecofetti after this experience as well.


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Jenny.Lee said...

So pretty!

Sarah Preston said...

I'm beginning to think that you have a billion wedding pictures. What are you going to do when you run out of them?

Jenna said...

Sarah-I do have a billion. Once these recaps are over I am moving on with my life! And decorating my house with them of course.

flamingofluffy said...

I don't think I say enough how much I adore your wedding blog.

So I left you some love on my last post.

cj said...

Wow...wonderful! feeling snowflakes falling from heaven..LOL! I admit that I love confetti. They're so fun to have especially in a party. But now I'm so excited to have it on my wedding day, isn't it so fun!

un-bride said...

The part about the fold in your dress filled with eco-fetti cracked me up!

tcamp said...

you had a beautiful wedding and a lot of good memories

Langlay said...

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